Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Transfer Izzle (updated)

I'm really in a hurry at the moment, and I can come back later on to perhaps expand or elaborate on these items, but for now I just gotta spill 'n run.

- Again, please disregard all the UK reports about Liverpool swapping Paul Konchesky for Clint Dempsey. Again, I've checked. Again, they are fiction. Again, there is no imminent Deuce departure from Fulham. I mean, c'mon... Paul Konchesky? These UK fantasy soccer writers are getting lazy.

- Expect to learn later in the week if Charlie Davies goes out on loan this winter. Expect a report at MLSS before long. Sneak preview: he wants to go on loan, but Sochaux is having second thoughts. Why? Do they think he's nearly ready to contribute? That I do not know.

- It's looking more and more like Benny Feilhaber will finish the season with AGF. That does not, however, mean he won't be signing a pre-deal for summer elsewhere. I'll have a report on this once I do a little more digging.

- It's also starting to seem that Alejandro Bedoya will remain at Örebro for now. The club want to extend his contract, but the U.S. attacker (who, if I recall correctly, is out of contract at the end of the coming season) appears to be plotting a summer move.

- It seems Ingolstadt are hoping Freddy Adu can terminate his Benfica contract before next week, thus freeing him to join up alongside Edson Buddle. Will this happen in time? I'm not sure and somewhat pessimistic it will.

- Some German tabloid (can't recall which at the moment) has reported that Michael Bradley is not starting these days because he's requested a transfer to Sunderland. As with the rags in England, keep your salt grains handy - but now this thing has traction in both countries.

- I almost forgot; Brad Guzan's Hull loan has been extended another month and an MLSS report is coming shortly.

That's it for now. I don't want to give everything away just yet.

- Greg Seltzer


The Wanderer said...

Thanks Greg. I love reading your transfer tidbits.

Lawrence said...

Yeah, not as much content here since you've picked up more duties else where (I think that's what happened anyways). But I still love to check in at NSC for scoops like this!


Matthew said...

Good stuff, thanks Greg! I'm hoping CD9 gets his transfer and Bradley is EPL bound

Matt said...

It definitely seems odd that Bradley's minutes have dropped so precipitously over the last few games. I think hey played like 7 minutes on Sunday...

I think Sunderland would be a great move for him -- sort of like Holden to Bolton, in that it's s smaller club, in a smaller market with a manager that seems to genuinely care about his players...

Anonymous said...

You teased an item about Mix Diskerud as well?

Mark said...

Greg, do you think you could link the articles you write for other sites here as well. I know some are, but some also slips through the cracks.