Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twente v Heracles LIVE

Alright, I'm being lazy while so many of you are at work. I'm off my ass now.

We're in the 20th minute, Twente up on their derby rivals 1-0 on a Marc Janko goal (4') and our man Gooch is playing left back.

Yes, LEFT back. Twente have an injury crisis at the back right now - only not in the center.

Gimme a moment to get the line-ups to ya, but here we go...


Rosales creeps forward for Twente and nearly bags a bad keeper punch. Good save to recover, though.


Janko gets a head on Gooch's looong throw to the area, but the only one to his flick is the keeper.


Heracles seem intent on attacking down Onyewu's side, but no success that way yet.


By the way, with left center back Douglas so often on the gallop forward, Gooch will at some points probably need to shuffle over to the middle on Heracles counters.


The belated line-ups

FC Twente: Mihaylov, Rosales, Wisgerhof, Douglas, Onyewu, Brama, De Jong, Landzaat, John, Janko en Chadli

Heracles Almelo: Pasveer, Breukers, Maertens, V.d. Linden, Looms, Quansah, Overtoom, Fledderus, D. Douglas, Armenteros en Everton



De Jong gets loose to make it 2-0 a bit too easily. The keeper could have done much better there.


Heracles come directly at Gooch's side twice more, but get nothing from it. Their passing has been horrid.


Onyewu picks a pocket and shows a willingness to get down the wing, even if the ball heads off the other way.


D. Douglas gets a cross off past Onyewu, but it's directly to the keeper.

45 + 1'

Janko makes it 3-0 with a back post header.




Game on...


Heracles have started to scrap, but their technical play is still atrocious. Twente, meanwhile, seem content to build out of the back down the right.


An Everton cross gets past Gooch, but his target is a few inches short for the delivery. The ball caroms back from whence it came, and Onyewu wins a goal kick.


The giant Janko tiptoes through Heracles' world to make it 4-0. A good time is being had by all in Enschede tonight. Watch Gooch score now...


With Heracles hopeless tonight, Twente are basically now backing this one into the garage. To liven things up, D. Douglas fouls Onyewu with a near-yellow challenge.


Another turnover, another pass up the gut and Janko slots the 5-0.


Twente make their final sub, so Gooch will go all 90.



A snoozy ending to a Twente goal-fest/winning Gooch debut. Onyewu didn't have a great deal to do, but he seemed to know where to be at all times. Have a good one, folks.

- Greg Seltzer


jon said...

Gooch has looked good. Nimble on the ball, good positioning, and pretty sharp passing. Hard to tell if my positive impression is just a result of not seeing him play for so long, though.

Greg Seltzer said...

You're right about Gooch, but I think right now the biggest factor in his showing is that Heracles - a team already behind on talent to Twente - have yet to show up.

Matt said...

Whatever the case, it's just nice to be talking about Gooch actually playing in a match. I hope he doesn't got back to Italy...