Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who wants today's izzle? (updated)

Sorry I've been so scarce the last couple of days. I moved and had some interwebs headaches in the new place. It's all sorted now and I have goodies. And several readers correctly complained that I don't link my own stories as much anymore, so here I am to also do that, as well as adding a little spicy flavor to one story in particular.

You may remember how I wrote a couple weeks back about how Michael Bradley would not be one of the Americans moving this winter, mainly because 'Gladbach had no intention of listening to any offers. Well.... it turns out I spoke a little too soon, as apparently Mikey asked the club for a transfer right around that time.

We've all seen reports linking him with interest from the esteemed likes of Galatasaray and Sunderland, but in nosing around, I found out that Bradley also has four clubs trying to make sure he stays in Germany.

Who are they? I have pretty good ideas on two of them, but nothing certain enough to spill. I can, however, tell you all that these four potential suitors (none of whom has approached 'Gladbach yet) all currently stand between first place and 11th, with second place Bayer Leverkusen excepted. So now, we can all play process of elimination together - until Tuesday.

UPDATE: It seems my wording in the above paragraph confused a few readers. Allow me to clarify. From my digging, I found out that the four German clubs weighing a move for Bradley do NOT include Leverkusen or the six clubs that stand 12th to 17th (FCN, FCK, Bremen, Cologne, St. Pauli and Stuttgart). Leaders Dortmund and the teams currently standing from 3rd to 11th remain possibilities in our process of elimination. I hope that helps.

You can also find a Benny Feilhaber bit at MLSS (gist: looks like he'll run out his AGF deal) and I'll link my last two Postcard From Europe features, just in case you missed 'em. We've had two straight U.S. U-20 aces there: fresh Molde catch Josh Gatt last week and 1860 Munich riser Bobby Wood yesterday.

And to sneak you a preview, tomorrow I'll have the annual Top 5 Potential MLS Freebies list over at S365 and an overdue Who likes goals? here (I was actually in the middle of doing exactly that on Tuesday night when the net went out on me).

UPDATE: Almost forgot to include a Charlie Davies potential loan bit, here 'tis.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Thanks Greg and good work as always. It's easy for me because I have your site's RSS so whenever you update it with a new post -- I see it.

doorworker said...

black keys. nice.

Lawrence said...

Appreciate it!

And I see nothing with Altidore, assuming that's because the rumors are baseless?

andrés said...

I'd be happy if he went to any of those clubs not named Freiburg, Nurnberg, Kaiserslautern, or Hamburger. HSV only because yanks don't have a very good track record at that club

andrés said...

Greg, Ives claims that "reports" are suggesting the Galatasaray is ahead in the running to land Bradley. Is this true?

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm chasing that for a club confirmation right now, actually.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Lawrence:

Sorry, I missed your question earlier. I have some info on Jozy, but have not reached the tipping point that makes a report. To sum up quickly, the interest in him that has been floated around is all true, and there is actually much more. What is unclear is what Villarreal intend to do. As for Jozy, he prefers to stay there, but is smart enough to listen in case a great opportunity comes up.

And that is the sum of what I am willing to let loose at this moment. :D