Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bocanegra breaks derby ice, Chandler opens account (updated)

Saint-Étienne defender Carlos Bocanegra shovel volleyed home the game's opening goal from a restart, but visiting Lyon now lead 2-1 past the hour. Clip to come...

UPDATE: Urgh. Make it 3-1 Lyon after Bocanegra loses Michel Bastos on a long ball.

By the way, this got by me earlier: FC Nürnberg youngster Timothy Chandler bagged his first Bundesliga goal today (the relevant play start at about the 4:35 mark).

UPDATE UPDATE: The commentary sounds like it was audio added from someone's basement, but here is Bocanegra's strike.

- Greg Seltzer

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Robert said...

This Chandler kid looks good! Looked him up and found out he speaks no English, but would like to play for the US instead of Germany. Not sure where he could fit, except at forward (has moved to more defensive role recently). Bradley and his staff need to get a good look at him asap. Also, only 20.