Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Checkpoint Charlie

Apparently, Sochaux forward Charlie Davies is in loan talks with D.C. United - makes sense. Of course, I'll try to find out more. Sorry I wasn't able to bring this one to ya last night; I sure as hell tried.

- Greg Seltzer


jon said...

Per Goff's report, do you have any idea if "season-long loan" in this case means until June/July or until October?

Greg Seltzer said...

I took it to mean MLS season-long.

Lawrence said...

I like the sound of it. He will join a squad during their pre-season, not in the middle. They have no established forwards (Ngwenya and Wolff are new additions and Pontius was out for a lot last season).
He should also have decent help around him, especially behind him, in McCarty, Kitchen, Najar, Quaranta, Boskovic).

I hope it goes through, and I hope it's MLS season long.