Thursday, February 17, 2011

Go Grant in 2011!!!

As so often happens with NSC pal Grant Wahl, I'm a little ticked I didn't think of it first. Sheer brilliance, my man. Need any cabinet members?

- Greg Seltzer


jason said...

so, is there anything we can actually do to help?

why wouldn't the u.s.a. nominate him? are they nominating someone else?

the internal workings of fifa could definitely use some sunshine.

Greg Seltzer said...

I'd imagine the USSF, and any federation up for a World Cup soon, would not dare align themselves with this. It would have to be a country not bidding for anything and not holding a member on the Exec. Committee.

Tim said...

Greg - glad the eye wasn't worse...welcome back!

Jay said...

Yeah, the repercussions for USSF would be enormous.

Supposedly Jack Warner's term is "up" this year at CONCACAF... anyone know if he's "running" again?

doorworker said...

"Going Wikileaks on FIFA"...sounds like a freakin' winner to me.