Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy, Iwannablueone.

Too cool, I'm so getting one right now (even if it would've looked better with navy neck and sleeve ringers). If you want one, hurry; they are only taking orders for a week.

Ready, steady, go!

- Greg Seltzer


jon said...

Off topic, but I'm pumped to see Ryan Guy getting a shot in Timbers camp. I likely never would have known about him if not for your great coverage, Greg.

strago said...

This shirts are awesome. Great marketing move...I wish DC had something like this...sigh.

Steven Streff said...

@ strago

But was does United have to do with this though? United should instead make shirts pleading with Najar to join our national team! :)

My only gripe is that I wish one of the US supporters group made the shirts, and not a KC one. Only because the goal was scored when he was playing for US -- and I would have felt less guilty purchasing them (as a D.C. guy myself).

Matt said...

Greg: I have a totally off-topic question: I've noticed in the last few days that a couple of the Japanese national team players have either landed at a major European club (Inter) or are being courted by one (Bayern Munich).

In your opinion, are these players technically "better"--and I mean technical, in the literal sense--than the best the US can offer?

Obviously Donovan had his shot at Bayern, but that was because of Klinsy, not any larger, institutional desire to bring him in.

I just wonder if that Japanese model of developing players is better at producing world-class players, or if its some sort of bias against US players. Or--neither--it's just purely random.