Thursday, February 3, 2011

The NFL, Soccer Style

Wanna see how your NFL team's jersey might like if they were actually a soccer club? Here's several of them imagined and he's promised the remainder to come.

NSC pal Phil Schoen found these renderings and he's right: It's a shame they aren't real shirts that can be bought.

- Greg Seltzer


bhamhawker said...

Damn, he could make serious bank selling those (provided the NFL didn't just depants him with logo costs).

drew_brown said...

my wife saw them and goes, "Those would look ridiculous on 300lb football players!"

Jamie said...

Or 300lb football fans.

Jay said...

I've seen these elsewhere as well, but I have to say: the Browns jersey is just a nice, straightforward shirt. Good color combo, timeless design. The only thing it needs? A floppy collar.