Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Onion 1, ESPN 0

Was alerted to this by NSC pal Phil Schoen, who correctly noted that it was funny because it's painfully true.

- Greg Seltzer


Jack Savidge said...

Oh man, The Onion loves to rip on soccer, but is it more a rip on the media and the general sports culture in the US. Sometimes its hard to take because we've had to take it from ESPN and others for so, so long (WIP, the sports talker here in Philly HATES soccer.) Its good to keep perspective and be willing to laugh at yourself every so often. BTW, the soccer tab on the Onion website is labeled "Soccer/Women's Sports". Too funny.

Jon E. said...

I'm pretty sure this is mostly just the Onion ripping on ESPN's coverage of soccer. I suspect that a goodly percentage of the Onion's staff are secret or not-so-secret soccer nerds.