Sunday, February 27, 2011


Alternate title option: "How the Brums got into Europa League"

For the record: I blame Koscielny, who should've ignored his keeper's presence and booted that away. Alan Hansen is right, as always.

- Greg Seltzer


DM said...

No way Koscielny should have ignored his keeper, especially not with a kick that could have concussed him.
Instead, I think Szczesny has done a fantastic job of reminding everyone that he's 20 years old and still green, plain and simple.

Andrew Wiebe said...

I'll put it on both equally. It doesn't look like LK hears the shout until he is halfway through his clearance and holds back. At that point, it's just way too late to wait. You have to be better safe than sorry and knock it out of danger. Szczesny either has to call for the ball immediately or hold his line and let his defender hoof it out.