Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who likes goals?

It's been a while and I owe you one of these, so who cares if it's Wednesday? Some of these go back to two weeks ago, but I had to make sure you all saw them...

Here's one of those older ones nobody should miss. Please try not to wake up Mickey Sulejmani when celebrating the casual cool of this strike by yelling "DAMMMMMMN" in the office/classroom/Starbucks.

We don't generally include CONMEBOL U-20 markers here, but the combo of mad brilliance from Venezuela's Yoahandry Orozco and the announcer nearly breaking his desk earns a place.

GOLAZO del Venezolano Yohandry Orozco 24/01 2011
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Here's another from the previous week, complete with a quiz. Q: What has been the roughest non-violence-related job in the world thus far in 2011? A: Being Antalyaspor's manager while Fener's Gökhan Gönül did this.

Antalyaspor-Fenerbahçe Maçın Golü |
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You may well have never heard of him, but do a quick YouTube search; there are few better volleyers of the ball on this planet than Pumas' Javier Cortes.

One could certainly forgive Corinthians' Luis Ramirez (or the entire Sao Bernardo back) for feeling a bit dizzy this weekend.

For once, let's enjoy one without a spastic commentator or even my goofy descriptions. Ladies and germs... Claudio Marchiso of Juventus.

Morelia's Miguel Sabah (who just happened to make the cut in my Top 5 Potential MLS Summer Freebies) hops on his quickie bike - notice there's no set-up kick from his other leg, which quite scientifically makes both accuracy and power more difficult.

Finally, what Lech Poznań's Artjoms Rudņevs does to Lokomotiw Plowdiw is simply not fair. But it is awesome.

- Greg Seltzer

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