Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The check-up

Once again, let's make sure nobody missed any of my extra-NSC-ular activities.

- The new Postcard From Europe, featuring Sacha Kljestan
- FCN's Timothy Chandler has a sweet new deal
- Pribram's Brian Ackley hopes to be back in the selection soon
- The new Top 5 Continental Shifts (a ka the Eurosnob* Gazette)

* = You can tell I'm a Eurosnob because I didn't hyphenate it. Dead giveaway.

- Greg Seltzer


Mark said...

thanks greg

strago said...

Thanks Greg...after 2 weeks on holiday in South Africa, I missed them :)

Micah said...

Thanks Greg...interested to hear what you think of the Bielsa rumors.