Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Daily Chad Tribune

I'd say my main critiques from what I've seen of Chad Ochocinco the soccer player are:

#1 -His overall footwork is all wrong, in pretty much any situation. It's worse than his touch, which would probably soften significantly if he was out there 5 days a week for a few months or more.

#2 - As to the touch... it's not so much bad as it is... inappropriate. Touch isn't just about something like cushioning a pass. It's more about giving yourself the best body position to execute the next move. It's about arranging the music you're trying to riff one note ahead of time. Which leads us straight to...

#3 - He's thinking too much; he's yet to really play. He is probably trying to "review study" in his head as situations confront him and unfold, which of course, is just too much to do in real time during a soccer game. I've yet to see him lose what I call "the awareness of being out there in it". Some of it may be due to a presumed lack of match confidence, but I think not so much as some observers may theorize. To put it bluntly, he hasn't even made it to a confidence issue yet. Let go, man. PLAY.

Frankly, I say keep him on the reserve side and let him train with the club, perhaps even on specific drills for the first team. I can see there being an actual use to his practice presence, especially since he's a hit in the clubhouse. By the way, this MLSS article has another video.

- Greg Seltzer

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SPA2TACU5 said...

I could do a whole analysis of Ochocinco as a soccer player, but then I watch the video and at the end he's so emotional that he almost starts crying. 'nuff said. Chad rocks.