Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few things... (updated)

I now am formulating the next great and powerful entertainment Top 5'er, probably to drop this weekend. I won't divulge the precise topic, but will tip off that the impressive young lady at right has easily made the honor roll...

#1 - The Chad Ochocinco experiment has begun. His Bengals coach is displeased, but the player says "pfft".

Yeah, pffft! Because we can all register to watch live KC training here. FYI: today's session is about to begin at 10:05 a.m. CT. Hurry!!

#2 - I was meant to catch Timothy Chandler for a quick call-up chat before he flew out Sunday and I missed him. Luckily, US Soccer has my back.

On that note: I generally find myself in complete agreement with Steve Davis opinion posts. This is not even remotely one of those times.

An American is an American. Chandler is the child of an American soldier serving overseas. Growing up or living elsewhere does not cancel one's American standing. In fact, I will tell you all now that Giuseppe Rossi is as American as any other American, regardless of what he chooses to do with his personal freedom, even if I do not like it one bit. That's how America works (or, at least, is supposed to).

End of story. And I can't believe I have to say it.

#3 - This week's Postcard From Europe subject: Benny Feilhaber.

And this week's Top 5 Continental Shifts is here.

Also... I've watched the unfinished workprint of the Jay DeMerit docu-film and I will have a quasi-review of that this evening.

#4 - Portland Timbers, meet the Sons of Gods... Sons of Gods, Portland Timbers.

#5 - Sorry to mix metaphors, but Fox Soccer Channel has both hit a home run and scored a touchdown with this hire.

#6 - MLS and the Green Sport Alliance are now in the game.

#7 - The Shin Guardian catches up with FC Dallas watchamajigger Brek Shea. I bet they secretly wish they had 11 of him. Okay... maybe just nine of him, David Ferreira and Zach Loyd.

How about this nickname for Shea... the Swiss Army Knife? Any chance we can get him to eventually transfer to a Euro-team with a red jersey that has a small white cross on the front?

#8 - Would anyone care to go completely insane pondering a massively alternate universe where the NFL has promotion/relegation? There's only one place to go for that kind of crazy: Climbing The Ladder.

#9 - Are you an English speaker who wishes they could follow the Mexican League a bit more closely? Your time has come.

#10 - This just in (my brain): It has come to my attention that good ol' Joe Enochs has been promoted to first team manager at his beloved Osnabrück - a place near and dear to my heart, as well.

I am considering this mega-monster news (unless someone can remind me of some other American manager to take the reins at a level this high), and will of course get him on the horn ASAP. Awesome news.

- Greg Seltzer


andrés said...

"Growing up or living elsewhere does not cancel one's American standing."

You're solid Greg. I completely agree. This whole having to prove how American one is...well, that's a slippery slope and history tells us what kind of crap that gets everyone in. To the naysayers: Read any of Chandler's interviews and tell me then if you have any questions about the guy's loyalty and enthusiasm. If you do, I wonder how it's possible that you can get dressed in the morning.

On the flip-side, there's a number of part-time USNT'mers, born and raised in the US, who seem to care very little about what they're play looks like when they step on the field for the US. Should we question their authenticity too?

dallen said...

Heath Pearce (and his mustache) plays for the Los Angeles Chivases, not Dallas anymore.

Greg Seltzer said...

Good catch. With my workload not really involving MLS this year, I'm admittedly a bit slow with all the roster changes. Thanks.