Monday, March 21, 2011

Seriously... what the hell are they thinking?

Maybe I'm extra pissy today because Ajax management murdered our season again, but some of the aftermath of Stuart Holden's injury by horror tackle is really steaming my beans.

It's bad enough that repeat-offender-idiot* Rio Ferdinand raced to absolve the challenge, claiming ridiculously that the crippler, Jonny Evans, should not have even drawn red.

But then you have this kind of UK media nonsense, which astonishingly pretends to be a news article. Thinly veiling it's utter contempt for reality, almost surely in bowing service to continued ManU access, the article manages to ask the headline question while also including this fully explanatory paragraph describing the incident:

"Evans went in with his studs up and caught Stuart Holden hard, splitting the American's knee open and forcing him to be taken off on a stretcher. He is expected to miss up to six months through injury."

Erm... where exactly springs your confusion, writer?

Regardless of whether Evans intended to injure, and I do not at all believe he did, that was no less than the textbook picture definition of a reckless, two-footed, studs up, fully weighted "challenge" that has put another player out for half a year. Facts.

Let's be clear. A red card is the least that Evans deserved for this episode. Anyone who claims otherwise is selling bias or whacked out. Either way, I find these people to be rudely demeaning both Holden and Bolton as unimportant or worthy of fairness.

Seriously... what the hell are they thinking?

- Greg Seltzer

* = for, among other things, numerous drunk driving and reckless speeding offenses, cheating on his wife in that infamous sex tape of sorts, kicking a female steward and then lying about sending her an apology, and perhaps worst of all, considering himself the "Twitter king" proudly... ugh.


Jack Savidge said...

To excuse anything, but remember that writers do not always write the headlines. Many times its the editor. In that case it would be "Seriously, Mr. Editor??"

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeeeeeah, but the headline is basically ripped from the article. It summarizes the article. So... I'm sticking with it as is. :D

Matt said...

Strange days. I guess it shows just how focused folks were on the news about Stu, that Freddy and Charlie scoring three goals between them didn't warrant a single comment on NSC.

(And I hope Stu gets well soon. He's been talismanic for Bolton this year, to borrow from the lexicon of EPL announcers...)