Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So... who wants the keys?

It appears as though Ruud Gullit has lured Anderlecht ace Mbark Boussoufa to Russian aim high side Terek Grozny. With the three-time Belgian Footballer of the Year goes much of the Mauves' attack impetus. This move begs the question: Who steps into that role?

Some will expect Kanu to take up the lead playmaking role, but he has been panned as sloppy of late and Anderlecht will likely play even wider than they normally do, which is a good bit. They might want more of a traffic director to step in to Boussoufa's pair of Golden Shoes, as opposed to an outright #10 type (which they do not appear to possess of any notable experience).

Of course, this job opening will surely see an application from Sacha Kljestan, who has spent most of the season learning to be more efficient with the ball while playing deeper than usual.

No assured predictions here, I'm just sayin' it makes sense. There's a title race afoot and the manager has to make some kind of alteration. I guess we're about to find out how much trust the Jupiler League "rookie" has earned thus far.

- Greg Seltzer

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Jay said...

Something has to be falling apart at Anderlecht for Boussoufa to be leaving for BFE, Gullit or no, 11.5M Euros or no. He's surely had opportunities to play elsewhere in Europe -- why Russia and why now? This is crazy.