Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baaah-stun Baked Benny?

Soooooo... Chivas USA oddly passed and Philly Union much less mysteriously did the same, allowing the New England Revs to pluck U.S. playmaker Benny Feilhaber with the third allocation slot.

They may apparently still trade him, but that kinda feels like Steve Nicol due diligence (I've heard Houston want Benny bad).

Two things jump out at me about this still unfolding situation. First of all, it is obviously odd that a returning 'Nat can sign and not know for going on a week where he's going to play. I think fans back home should appreciate Feilhaber's arrival a little extra for that tidbit; he clearly wants to play in MLS.

But the larger weirdness is Chivas USA's rationale for letting him walk on by. Goats boss Robin Fraser sorta overrides the salary cap concerns issue by adding that the team want to position themselves better for a summer splash.

"The summer window coming up is an important time for us and we’d like to position ourselves to make some moves that we think are going to further improve our team."

Huh? You want to wait until midseason to improve the team? Who does this? And why? I'm not even sure how to file that reasoning. Things out of left field find that perplexing.

For starters, I'm looking at the squad list and I'm trying to figure out where all this salary money has gone. The team has clearly lacked an impact quarterback since Sacha Kljestan left. Feilhaber, though born in Rio, is essentially a hometown kid. Yeah, he will cost, but winning generally does to a certain extent.

Oh right! On that competitive note, there's the small matter of zero wins, two points and three goals in their first five games this season.

Seriously... what the hell was Chivas USA thinking?

They may well have an answer for that later - but if I was a supporter, I'd feel like it had damn well better be a super-duper good one.

- Greg Seltzer


over there said...

I'll be heartbroken if the Revs trade him. As soon as I saw where they stood in the allocation order it was is finally the creator to replace Ralston. More so than even the loss of Twellman, it's been the loss of Ralston's creativity that has stalled their attack.

strago said...

Hopefully, NE gets fleeced by DC United. Feilhaber deserves to play for a good team.

MSA said...

Maybe Chivas already has a summer deal in place?

DM said...

I would love it if Feilhaber came to DC. Problem is, DC doesn't have much to trade, and even if we did, our midfield is already pretty stacked. McCarty already has the role that Feilhaber would come to fill, and I think Olsen will stay loyal to the player he made serious preseason moves to acquire.

Phil McCracken said...

Just imagine the uproar if Chivas USA actually had supporters?

Greg Seltzer said...