Saturday, April 23, 2011

Indi Cowie would like your attention, please

What's up guys? I'm Will, the new guy. In between various odds n' ends, I'll be your NSC tour guide through the joys (see: Juan Agudelo) and perils (see: Chivas USA's existence) of the ongoing MLS season. On the left you'll see Landon Donovan in his natural habitat, sunning himself on a beach, quietly ruing David Beckham for extravagantly taking off his shirt a few feet away. On the right, that's Charlie Davies making use of his new titanium femur to launch a shot through the core of the Earth. Please keep your extremities inside the vehicle at all times. Brek Shea bites.

Ok. We've got the pleasantries out of the way, yeah? Down to brass tacks.

Ever heard of Indi Cowie? If not, allow me to proffer an introduction.

Cowie (she's 16!!) and the world of ball juggling - a really cool, underground soccer sect that's been gaining traction in popular media through these mind-blowing Youtube vids - is coming together for a pretty awesome cause.

Online Soccer Academy, run by former pro Jared Montz, is teaming up with Nothing but Nets to raise money for World Malaria Day on Monday. To do it, Montz is helping to organize OSA's World Juggle-a-thon, where every $10 raised provides a mosquito net for a person in Africa, a huge deal for a continent that grapples with the mosquito-spread malaria virus on a nightly basis. Grab a pledge form on their website, send in some money and sit back and watch the show on Monday. Montz says multiple youth and pro groups are organizing watch parties for the event, which should provide some of those juke-you-out-of-your-shoes moments like those Cowie provides above.

The attention-grabbers are, of course, the jugglers, like Cowie. Do yourself a favor and do some Youtube trolling on some of these guys. If you're even moderately interested in anything interesting, the show these guys put on will provide a welcome distraction. Resolute USMNT defender Jay Demerit's on board too, and you'll see an attempt on the Guiness World Record for most sole juggles. I tried it and came up just short with one. No big deal.

If you want to check out the promo vid for the event and get more info on how to get involved, skip on over to and support a good cause.

- Will Parchman

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