Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show of hands... who else hates this photo?

No Europa League final work for me or any other Americans this year.

- Greg Seltzer


carrschilling said...


over there said...

I want to vomit.

Lawrence said...

What I always think about is how Italy underappreciates him. He should be their star.

And if he was with the USA, he'd be getting tons of opportunities, be a huge star, and play against top teams and really be something special.

He didn't screw us over, his old man screwed him over. His father's passion for the Azzuri pushed Guiseppe into the wrong direction IMO. A real shame. He has said himself that off the soccer field he feels American, not Italian. The only reason he feels Italian on the field is because his father immersed him into Italian calcio since he was tiny.

Reminds me of the old fart american football lovers who live viariously through their son and make their high school experience all about winning the football league.

Will Lytle said...


I get what you are saying, but I don't agree with the criticism. I'm an American with two children who have never lived in the US, but both hold US passports. And guess what...if they ever were good enough for a national side, guess which country I would push them towards? Yep, stars and stripes.

It sucks that it works against us in the case of Rossi, but frankly I imagine all of us would do the same thing if the tables were flipped.

petepstl7 said...

The way I understood it from sources in the soccer community in New York and New Jersey is that US Soccer screwed us over. Bruce Arena quoted that Rossi was too small to ever play for the full national team. If I were Rossi, I would have made my decision to play for the Azzuri, too. US Soccer needs to get rid of that mentality and start embracing creativity. Look at Barcelona. I ask myself why are we not pursuing players like Torres and Feilheiber in the middle? Are they too small? Bradley would rather play his son there but, that's a different story.

SPA2TACU5 said...

So what's the word on Onyewu?
He's never playing as a starter in league games. Will Twenty try to keep him and does he want to stay?