Thursday, April 7, 2011


You surely already got the bad news from Guatemala, but now we have U-20 highlights and reactions. Regulars here will know that the U-20 World Cup is one of my top favorites of all sporting events and I must admit to being crushed when I woke to find that our boys had come up short. Big. Fat. Ugh.

- Greg Seltzer


jon said...

This game was so hard to watch. After Guatemala's second goal, the US completely abandoned their game plan (or style of play or whatever) and did nothing but launch long balls for the final 20 minutes. Arguably the most stacked U20 midfield ever assembled and some of the most capable possession defenders and they're bypassing them completely? Who is to blame there? I realize they're kids and it was a hostile environment with a lot on the line, but I thought that was part of the benefit of having professionals on the team now. And every time the cameras panned over to Rongen he was sitting in the dugout looking mildly bemused. Is he not the kind of manager that gets up and yells instructions to his kids? Perhaps to tell them to settle down and play their game? Man, it was such a weird game to watch.

Mark said...

Hey Greg, I know alot of the players on this team were "passport players", Do a lot of them speak english? Just curious

Joseph said...

What exactly does Rongen have to do to get fired?

Run off talented dual-citizenship players? Check.

Fail to develop the ones who stay with the U.S.? Check.

Fail to do anything in age-group WCs for which he actually qualifies a team? Check.

Fail to even make this U20 WC? Check.

I know he has that Ajax academy pedigree, but that was a LONG time ago, and he appears to have forgotten whatever he learned there.

I mean, does he have something on Gulati?