Thursday, May 19, 2011

Am I spoiling you too soon? This is a concern now. (updated)

Yep, I have more delicious goodies for you today!

Frankly, it's being made easy for me right now. There is so much stuff going on in the back corridor, we will all be cupcakes and milk fat on American transfers in no time.

I will also be back later with the usual "Hey, here's all the links of my recent stuff" post. Tomorrow, I'll have the sacred return of Video Friday.

For now, let's just shovel silly in our faces. Napkins, everyone...

  • A couple days ago, something French called Top Mercato ran this article in which Sporting KC striker Teal Bunbury talks all about big clubs from England, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey are dropping in all the time to see and woo him.

    Small problem: he never gave that interview. I will have a full report on this at MLSS before long. The coincidence is he has had Euro-clubs from a few of those places out to watch him play, but his agent assures there is no serious anything happening with a move for Bunbury at this time.

    UPDATE: Shazam.
  • Recent German reports had Hannover 96 after West Ham handyman and impending free agent Jonathan Spector. These were accurate - but rather late. There was contact last month, but it does not seem likely that it will lead to anything.

    Now, to the juicy part. Though West Ham will try to keep him, I'm guessing we will find Spector in a new shirt next season. I have learned that he has a fair amount of interest from Birmingham City, Sunderland and Wolverhampton (though the Brums and Wolves would probably bow out if they are relegated this weekend).

    Even better, we shouldn't need to wait long to find out what happens here (unlike some other situations, which will take a while). Once EPL clubs can negotiate on Monday, expect this to move along toward some resolution somewhat quickly. I will file a proper report some time next week.

  • German kings Borussia Dortmund have signed Western Illinois U. wing handyman Oskar Gasecki to a three-year pro deal. He was born in South Africa and is a Polish citizen, but he is about to take the U.S. citizenship exam and US Soccer is keeping an eye on him.

    Since you probably aren't familiar with him, Oskar is a natural left back that can slide up or flip sides to right back. He is a tall wingback that likes to raid forward. A full report should be up shortly at MLSS and I'll link here when it hits.

    UPDATE: Shazam - Part Deux.
One can almost hear the belts coming undone.

C'mon! You're at work in the three-thousand dollar pants!!

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Left back! That right there is a juicy nugget. Especially since he is going for US Citizenship.

Jamie said...

Anybody who naturally plays left back and is better than Bornstein has to be chased after no?

Jay said...

Oh, please, Jamie. Have you even seen the kid play yet? He's going from college straight to... the offseason! In the 4.Regionalliga!

We. Can't. Call. The kid. Better. Than. Bornstein . Yet.

Goddamn, some people are such tightasses about Johnny B.

Unknown said...

As a Hammer & Spector fan I would hate to see him go. Particularly to the sides listed. I hope he stays and helps see them back up. He could likely see an increased role next year compared to many potential moves.

Jamie said...

I wasn't saying he was better, I am saying if he is better, seeing as I feel Johnny is the man to beat. I could have worded it better yes, but no need to get butt hurt.