Thursday, May 19, 2011

And there ya go.

While Roma's new management may have a crush on Landon Donovan, it seems the feeling is not mutual. I'm not sure why he's bothered that a club has interest in him, but it would appear that the Giallorossi need move down their list.

Of course, Da Bruce's statement is not exactly accurate. Everybody knows by know Donovan's had real interest over the last five years even before this time. And, ya know... those two loan spells.

So, does this mean Michael Bradley becomes Roma's primary target? Raise your hands if you'll be Googling for Daniele De Rossi transfer rumours in the coming days.

- Greg Seltzer


Phil McCracken said...

I just can't see De Rossi leaving, he's a native Roman (just like Totti).

I always thought he'd just stay there his entire career.

Greg Seltzer said...

I never believed he'd have gone when Chelsea were interested. However, I'm fairly certain he is tempted by Manchester United.

Joe Bailey said...

Maybe DDR is waiting for Totti to bow out of the picture, so he can finally become the 'Symbol' of Roma.

I think Donovan's staying home unless Everton's got 11 mil... Maybe Gooch should go there (to Roma). I'm sure he'd like to get a real chance in Italy.

I know this is off topic, but what's Seedorf's beef with Ajax? I tried asking him a question about Ajax on his NYT column last year, and all I got was silence...

Will said...

I'll call it now. Roma will get no one of interest.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Joe: I haven't heard this specifically, but it seems as though Gooch is not on their list for whatever reason.

@ Will: If I has to wager, I'd bet they'll get one.