Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CONCACAFs at war...with itself

Having just digested the shock news that Chuck Blazer had been stripped of CONCACAF's General Secretary role, I logged on the organization's website expecting to read nothing about the shenanigans in Switzerland, and look what it says....


Today an unauthorized declaration was made by Lisle Austin attempting to remove Chuck Blazer as General Secretary of CONCACAF.

This attempted action was taken without any authority. Under the CONCACAF Statutes, jurisdiction over the General Secretary rests solely with the CONCACAF Executive Committee which has taken no action. Further a majority of the Executive Committee Members have advised Mr. Austin that he does not have the authority to take such action.

Chuck Blazer continues as CONCACAF General Secretary and with the full authority of his office. The Confederation continues its normal operations including the Gold Cup commencing on June 5th at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas."

Wow, looks like Chuck might live to fight another day...

-Sean O'Conor


Air said...

This stuff is getting amazing! If only someone had stuck up for Wahl... he might have won!

strago said...

What the hell is going on over there? Jesus.

Will said...

Has any reason been given for the attempt to remove Blazer, other than at revenge for doing the right thing?

Here is Lisle's email address, as posted on CONCACAF: LAustinBRB@aol.com

Note this scumbag also sits on the FIFA Appeals committee.

There's no end to this, it seems.

Sean O'Conor said...

Austin claimed Blazer had "no authority" to call in the law firm and go straight to the Ethics Committee without consulting the CONCACAF Ex.Co. first; that he accused the 25 CFU members of being accused of bribery (not true) and that he "improperly appointed five non-elected members of Concacaf to congress" .

Assuming Sunil Gulati backed his fellow American, and that the Jamaican Horace Burrell is in Warner's camp, that leaves three (Latin Americans) on CONCACAF's Ex.Co., two of whom at least we can assume backed Blazer against Warner.

I just want to know who's in charge at CONCACAF now and why all those guys supported Warner for SO LONG...

What a mighty farce this all is.

Jay said...

I think it's safe to assume that Austin's attempt to sack Blazer boils down to pure bilious retribution. Warner is a sugar daddy, plain and simple; anyone who attacks Warner -- justified or not -- is attacking the cash flow.

That the attempt to remove came apparently without even talking to the CONCACAF ex-co supports the notion that he did it entirely of his own volition and without consideration of the consequences. Hell, it even supports the notion that Warner is still pushing things around via flunkies -- despite his suspension from all soccer-related activities.