Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dr. Seltzlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Job

Today's the day. Ajax v Twente for all the marbles. And I, gallant Ajacied... dapp're strijder vier en koen... your faithful and very serious soccer servant... NSC nutball... will be in the house.

Yep, if I call you during this excursion, the call will truly be coming from inside THE house.

But I won't be calling anyone. Or cheering or chanting or jumping, as Ajacied tend to do in the house. Ya see, I will be on the clock, working. And that means being professional, which means some Dutch press folk get to see the best poker face anyone will ever witness.

I mean, half my family is Jewish and half has Cherokee blood. Nobody should ever want to play cards with me for money. Or Skipbo for cookies, come to think of it. You should check out one of our monster Thanksgiving hall-rental get-togethers, which ends up looking like a buffet casino. I was raised on poker face, people. That and ridiculously good food.

So I will trot myself up all those Amster-damn stairs to the press lounge, grab a water and trek even more up to the press box. I will sit quietly and watch. After the final whistle/season outcome, I will meekly trek all the way back down from the top of the spaceship and conduct interviews with the grim brow of Ed Murrow.

People often ask me how I manage to accept this sort of potentially maddening thing so easily. Well... it's to be done and that's how it is and that's that. No sense wiggling, just get it done. I don't really consider it any sudden choice to make. I chose this way when I took the job and the odd weird afternoon of zip-lip can't make me waver or whine. I can jump and chant on the inside just fine.

Besides, should they win, I will calmly conclude my business, leave the ArenA and remove the poker face once I have cleared sight of the building. I will grab my camera, don my Ajax shirt and head over the the planned celebration (which is literally three blocks from my home) to shoot some pics and clips to show all of you.

Oh, right, and I will dance and sing in open air with just about the entire city until I drop. After all... some folks gotta work today. That's just life.

- Greg Seltzer


evan said...

arent you afraid that you just gave yourself away with that post?

kidding, good luck today and enjoy the game. i guess now im hoping for an ajax win just so i can see the pics.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, it's hardly a secret. Better to wave it out in the open than to pretend it's not there, I say.

Joe said...

Ajax Landskampioen!!!

My suffering is over!!!