Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go ahead... tell me who's the coolest?

I generally take pretty good photos. My selection from the Ajax celebration, though, are not good enough for you all. To be frank... they suck on a relative basis. I only managed to get there just as the team bus was pulling in and vantage point was not in my favor.

And then, the beer stand ran out just as I got to it. Having seen Johnny Heitinga and Patrick Kluivert back home and sat behind Dennis Bergkamp as Ajax won, I was in no mood to gripe over much. It's also unfortunate that about 40 fans were either injured or arrested during celebrations - but considering there were nearly 100,000 at Museumplein with the team and another 20,000 or so whopping it up at other gathering areas such as Leidseplein, thats sum doesn't actually seem so bad.

I will not leave you hanging any further, instead preferring to offer the cream of the crop when it comes to Ajax championship day pics and clips.

Let's begin with a tremendous video which gives you all the chance to experience Sunday like an F-Sider (do bear in mind Wiki's page is purely sensational, being that the actual firm of rough guys comprises a small portion of this famous huge section of rowdies - sorta like claiming Amsterdam is all weed and hookers).

In any event, enjoy and try to suppress your jealousy that I got to be there. Heh.

[Photos:, Het Parool, AFP,]

Watch out for the tram wires, Maarten!! To be fair, though, he does have a broken thumb.

- Greg Seltzer

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