Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I feel like a fat hen.

That is to say, I am sitting on so much moving stuff right now. In the interest of my metaphorical fowl posterior (note: never verbally claim to have this, it comes off much worse), what's say we crack open a another couple of these transfer eggs?
  • This has started popping out in Italy, so I may as well give: AS Roma are in fact pondering a Michael Bradley move, just as they are pondering other moves for Americans. The difference here is actual contact, and the sides seem to want each other. And despite how much Serie A clubs particularly love Mikey's game, there are large complications to such a move actually happening - which I will go over now.

    1) Roma will probably only buy one American player, and they do not seem to have decided which one they like best. That a certain L.A. Galaxy fella is their other big crush has obvious effect and they could also find another crush. This is a club that casts a wide net and gets interested and talks to a lot of people.

    2) There still is the seeming formality (though one really never does know in Italy) of Mr. DiBenedetto's American group being fully approved to take the keys, which should happen in about 10 days.

    3) Most importantly, Roma are crossing fingers that the non-EU roster spot that was hacked by Serie A last summer will be re-instated. There's really no telling when with this federation, despite logic dictating the rule change should happen at least somewhat soon.

    Long story short on Bradley-to-Roma: it's too soon to tell, but yes, it is a real live situation.
  • I've been emailed a lot asking why so mum on Clint Dempsey. Let's just say some of things you are reading about serious interest are true, but that doesn't cover everybody calling. And I'm not convinced Deuce wants to leave Craven Cottage, so it could all end up in more rejections anyway.

    Be assured that I am on this, even if quiet for the time being. Sometimes you just make like furniture, open ears and refrain from "selling low". Actually, that's often my strategy until someone else gets wind or things are ready to come off... or something false gets around... or, hell, if I just can't keep it in anymore. Yeah.

    And this same thing goes with Brad Friedel right now, too. I've also been emailed about Mix Diskerud, but his situation has died down with the new contract.

    Boy, you guys ask good questions. Some of you should work here.
  • You won't be able to make much sense of any online translation, but Bursaspor have now admitted they are trying to buy loan forward Jozy Altidore from Villarreal. I'm not sure how successful they will be at it.

    For those then wondering why he is not playing much lately... well, that's the type of negotiating ploy this club likes to use. Other Turkish reports have also recently sprinkled Beşiktaş back into the mix, but that stew requires grains of salt. After all, it took them three weeks to come up with this true story.

Yes, there's more, but let's not go all in until the dealer is visibly sweating. I smell a Kenny Rogers Cut of the Day coming into the air like a rotisserie chicken with sides...

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

I love posts like this! thanks Greg

DM said...

Bursaspor is witholding minutes from Altidore in an effort to put the squeeze on Villareal to come to the table? Might be smart business practice, but Altidore's getting shafted in the process.

Greg Seltzer said...

Not for them to come to the table, for them to come down on the price I suppose. It doesn't really make much sense - but that's Bursaspor for ya.

andrés said...

Greg, there's a bit of smack down on BS. Some don't rate Jozy too high and think the fact that he hasn't played too much for Bursaspor is evidence. Of course what you're saying puts a different spin on that. Given all that you've heard, how high do you think clubs in the Eredivisie and other places actually rate him?

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, to be fair, I did not run any of this reporting past BigSoccer for approval first.


Greg Seltzer said...

Ah yes, I see it. What can you do? Some people just have to be skeptical, I guess.

He's wrong about one blurt, though.

I don't make a living (or anything for that matter) off NSC. I don't peddle rumours, I sift through them for facts to eventually turn into news articles. One man's innuendo is another man's offer of context.

And he or anyone can feel free to point out any news reports I've gotten wrong. :D

Jamie said...

So at this point, do we think a Bradley exit from Villa is a foregone conclusion, or might the club view him as a work in progress and be willing to take a chance on him?

I know McAllister has spoken highly of Bradley's progress and he has just started to break into the squad, but is it too little, too late for a permanent move?

Greg Seltzer said...

I'll be honest, I have no special insight or info concerning Villa's attitude toward Bradley, or vice-versa.

I do have the sense, though, that having an eye elsewhere means the confidence in his chance to return there is not high (for whatever reason, from which ever party).

Mike said...

I don't understand why Clint would want to go to PSG instead of playing in the EPL? I know PSG can offer Euro Cup and probably more money but I just don't see him playing in France.

Alex Larsen said...

Isn't Bursaspor the team that had that shady dealing with Heath Pearce a while back?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Mike: Well, we don't know that he would prefer PSG. He very well may not. Plus, Fuham can pay about as much as PSG and will also likely have Europa League ball. PSG, however, do still have a chance at making the Champions League.

@ Alex: Yup.

Matt said...

I like to think that Bradley is still Petrov's replacement at Villa for next year, when age starts to catch up with Petrov. Bradley was even subbed for him this weekend. I predict he stays at Villa.