Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Icy Cold Truth, Inc.

We often hear reports from around the globe of players with names familiar and not showing interest in playing MLS ball. It's tough for you all back home to know which stories are legit and which are not, which international outlet is rock solid and which are fish wrappers.

This week, two such items revolve around Hamburg defensive handyman Collin Benjamin and Panathinaikos striker ace Djibril Cissé, each supposedly with an eager eye to America and the latter in talks.

A short bit of buzz work on the phone and I have your factual answers for these two situations. After all... I'm only here to help.

- Benjamin is extremely eager to come to MLS, despite the veteran having some rather rabid 2.Bundesliga interest in Germany. His rep said: "He asks me all the time about MLS. He tells me he would like to go there."

- Cissé's agent: "It's only a rumour."

Ta-da! Tip your waitress and drive home safely.

- Greg Seltzer


Jason Davis said...

The Cissé rumor I saw someone tweet said there was a 7m euro transfer fee involved. So...yeah, not something I put much stock in.

Greg Seltzer said...

Ha! Yeah, that would be a dead giveaway.

Doran Baldr said...

I think a drinking game needs to be invented to go with the international star to MLS rumor mill. Related to where the player is currently playing.
England- shot of gin (yuck)
Spain- pitcher of Sangia
Greece- Ouzo
you get the idea.