Friday, May 27, 2011

On tap: Champions League Final

For allll the marbles.

Funny (is that the word I'm looking for here?) that on the eve of the biggest club game on the planet, Uncle Sepp is embroiled in a FIFA investigation taking a peek into ignoring allegations of bribery over the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Without knowing much beyond the small morsels we have, I will say this: Vladimir Putin threw his support behind Blatter today. That's nice.

Anywho, onto The Game.

Lots of grenades being lobbed back and forth from both camps, mostly from the supporters. Barcelona is the odds-on favorite. A 1-0 Barca win is at 6/1 right now, so take that for whatever that's worth. It seems there is some underground backlash on picking Barca because it's too... mainstream, I guess? The Williamsburg hipster set has apparently invaded our sport. I've heard a few pundits pick United just to pick 'em, just to be different. I don't buy it. Maybe if Messi was sick off shepherd's pie, Pique was disconsolate over the loss of his pink lap dog and wouldn't leave his hotel room and Villa was incarcerated in the White Tower... maybe then Barca wouldn't score first and take 60%+ of the possession. But then that's wishful thinking on the Red Devils' part, yeah?

So I'll take a 2-1 Barca win with goals from Messi and Iniesta, and a late knock-in from Rooney to make it look closer than it was. Now watch United win 4-1.

- Manchester Evening News CL preview
- tactical preview
- Ryan Giggs is not having a good week
- This drawing is actually pretty cool
- Fergie is making predictions already
- It's not just Messi v Rooney, so someone told me
- Apparently it's 'Flea v Bulldog'
- Alan Smith has some advice for United: Don't squeeze the Blaugrana
- The Da Silva twins will wrestle in a steel cage for the RB spot
- Messi is important, says man who just awoke from coma
- It's Iker the Octopus!!!!

Let's head to the tape. Have to start with this media v Fergie dust-up. Wonder if this guy made it to the next presser?

Finally, we'll end with this because I'm a sucker for the Inception soundtrack.

- Will Parchman

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