Thursday, May 19, 2011

Re: the last post title... never mind

So much buzzing around that I have to double back today. This edition takes us back to Rome...

  • I can divulge another reason that Roma finds Clint Dempsey not to be a worthy target. As with guys like Brek Shea and Jonathan Spector, scouting Deuce left them wondering what position he plays. The technical director doesn't mind versatility, but he wants to see a clear standard position. Long story short: they do admire Dempsey's work, he's just not the one for them.

    Like I reported, it's not just go get an American to sell shirts - they want the spot-on right man for the job on the field.
  • Allow me to clear up what seems to be a growing misconception born somewhere I don't know: Landon Donovan's agent has not spoken with AS Roma about the L.A. Galaxy star. And I don't mean they have, but (wink-wink) they haven't. I'm informing that they have not had contact.

    I just want to keep things factsy in our bubble and I spotted a couple of things out on the interwebs that claimed otherwise.
  • However... I overlooked something when re-iterating that Roma would only get one of those short list U.S. internationals: Timothy Chandler holds an EU-passport. Furthermore, I've learned that the Giallorossi have been liking the right-sider more and more as they scout him.

    Therefore, I am officially amending my earlier reporting that no more than one American could make the Eternal City move. In fact, at this progressive rate, it may well end up as two.

    The potential downside of such a Chandler move is that Roma seem to view him as one for the future - as in he likely won't be a starter right away unless he simply blows doors off on arrival.
  • Last goodie for the day, I swear. And it's really more a mint apertif. Leeds United would love to sign Eric Lichaj on again, and they aren't too picky on the type of move.

    Meanwhile, Aston Villa is not interested in selling him. He also has a couple of teams in the Prem sniffing around, but (end facts reporting, start opinion) I kinda get the all-around impression that he will be in Villa wear to start next season.

    Again, that last part is just a personal hunch.
Alright, that's all you'll get from me today!!

(shakes fist)

By the way, if you witness anyone describing what we offer at NSC as "rumors" - be a mentsch and correct them. Heh.

- Greg Seltzer


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of the offending parties for using "rumor", but I've come to the conclusion that all transfer talk is rumor and gossip until someone signs. (BTW I changed it from "rumor" to "info"). Keep up the good work.

Greg Seltzer said...

Hmm. I'm not actually sure who you are, so you just think it's you. Heh.

Actually, I was making a joke about something someone said to me. But thanks and thanks.

Phil McCracken said...


You have positively been on fire the last week.

Great stuff, keep it coming! We have insatiable appetites when it comes to your transfer rumors...oops, I mean information.

Zach McNally said...

"...unless he simply blows doors off on arrival."

In Maine, that's an expression we use when you pass someone really fast. Seems to me that's what Chandler is best at.

That said, i have to believe Nrnbrg would love to keep him. Unless they are really pissed about the whole USA thing?

Jamie said...

That's not exclusive to Maine.

Mike said...

This is why I continue to come back to No Short Corners on a daily basis. Thanks for all the hard work Greg and I always look forward to more hints.