Sunday, May 29, 2011

Warner & Bin-Hammam suspended

Zurich - AFC chief Mohamed Bin-Hammam and FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner have been temporarily suspended from all football activities, but President Sepp Blatter is in the clear.

"No investigation against Blatter is warranted," announced FIFA Ethics Committee deputy chair Petrus Damaseb this afternoon, but a full investigation into the suspended duo will be carried out by Justice Torres, with a final decision in late June or early July.

The corruption charges surround payments of $40,000 allegedly delivered by Bin Hammam & Warner to Caribbean Football Union delegates ahead of the FIFA Presidential election.

General Secretary Jérôme Valcke confirmed the vote, for which Blatter is now the sole candidate, will take place as planned on Wednesday.

-Sean O'Conor


Will said...

I wish the worldwide FAs had the balls to leave FIFA. This is incredibly disappointing.

J.D. Springer said...

Nice. Only Blatter could turn allegations of corruption into a way to get rid of his main rival and Warner, while nothing sticks on him. He's the epitome of Eurotrash, but you almost have to admire his ability to spin any situation to his advantage.

Jay said...

FIFA is so corrupt even it's corruption investigations are corrupt.