Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who likes goals?

Sorry if I am slightly behind these days, it's always the most hectic right before vacation...

You've already seen the sick madness of Carlos Ruiz, so let's not forget to give serious free kick props to NSC pal Bobby Convey on the MLS Goal of the Week shortlist.

Pumas hero Javier Cortes will probably never need to buy a drink or meal or suit or Tiny Town kit in Ciudad Universitaria again after winning the Mexican crown with this dazzler. Side note: EVERY top flight league needs that overhead camera.

A lot of people scoffed when Inter Milan bought Yuto Nagatomo. Look who's scoffing now... the strike was so important they had to go to the American call of it. Yeah. Scoff it up, scoffers.

I really hope Slask Wroclaw's Rok Elsner (totally not making these names up) was donned with the proper safety earplugs when he set off this cannon. I think we all now know how to say "Holy Cow!" in Polish.

Finally, let's give more free kick love for this Carlos Tevez guided missile.

szólj hozzá: ---

- Greg Seltzer

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