Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RomaMerica - The Saga

Will is going to cover this week's belated Who likes goals? because I am kinda occupado with stuff and things at the moment.

On a directly related note, I just thought I'd slip this little addition to our ongoing story about AS Roma interest in (among others) Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan before those goal clips start flying.

I told ya it was real. My birdies don't just chirp for song.

- Greg Seltzer


DM said...

If Roma acquired an American international--especially Bradley, Donovan, or Chandler--I would become a fan on the spot.

Will said...

As a lifelong giallorossi fan, seeing Michael Bradley and De Rossi in midfield is an interesting idea, but they're essentially the same player, with De Rossi being a pretty visible upgrade. Roma has real needs at both RB and on the wing, so Donovan or Chandler? Sure. But grabbing Bradley just smacks of, "We're American, he's American, why not?" I'm not convinced its a good fit. Unless whoever likely replaces Montella is willing to have two holding mids/De Rossi jumps ship, Bradley might struggle for PT.

over there said...

Greg - Do you think a Landon move to Roma would mean MLS engineering a Run DMB to the Galaxy to fill the void at winger? Arena does love his WC Class of '02.

Greg Seltzer said...

Regardless of whether Arena wants to get Bease onboard, I'd imagine that any Donovan sale would be directly followed by a big DP purchase for the attack - probably in the mold of Ronaldinho or Riquelme (though not necessarily one of those two guys).

That's my guess.