Friday, May 20, 2011

Won't it be awful when AS Roma actually buys an American and we must get off the roller coaster?

I'm kidding, of course.

Still, I told you soccer monks last Saturday this could all get very interesting. It has yet to disappoint in that regard.

And unsurprisingly, I have new developments on the Giallorossi search.

  • Walter Sabatini has continued adding new names to the list as his study progresses. We told you yesterday that Timothy Chandler is flying up the list, in part because Roma are browsing right backs and he holds an EU-passport. In fact, it is now safe to say that he has become the top name on their list.

    But, to channel Yoda... there is another.

    Aston Villa's Eric Lichaj has now made the list of potential targets and could also become a serious target. What I do not know is whether Roma interest would tempt him or not. He sure seemed to like playing every week, which would most likely not happen immediately at Stadio Olimpico.

    On a related note, I've learned Roma have also been checking out Ajax right back Gregory van der Wiel, who will be at RFK on Saturday. Then again, he seems to want to stay another season in Amsterdam, so that crush may well be for naught.
  • This seems like a good spot to remind everyone that the arrival of any American without an European passport (such as Michael Bradley) hinges on the federation reinstating the non-EU roster spot that they removed last summer. The club has fingers crossed, but we'll all have to wait a spell for that decision. The info's been flying so fast, it can be easy to forget the initial details of this project.
  • Perhaps, we should change the name of the blog to "Ciao, Roma"? It's not quite as grabby, but Sabatini has also penciled the name of Hertha Berlin midfield prospect Alfredo Morales on his list. As you can see through the link, he is another guy with an EU-passport.
  • Guess what??? Other things exist in the world besides Roma! It's true. Over in Turkey, it appears that Bursaspor are having trouble in their Jozy Altidore pursuit. I'm not sure if this is because of reluctance from the player or Villarreal, but it's starting to look like they won't be able to swing a deal.

    Not that this decides that question, but I am getting the sense that the team is cash-poor at the moment. Of course, the Sercan Yilidirim-to-Spartak Moscow deal fell through and Bursaspor seem a little caught off guard that winger Ozan İpek hasn't been plucked by one of his glamour suitors (which include but are not limited to Newcastle, Werder Bremen and Valencia).
  • Okay, this is not a direct transfer item, but here's a little something for those wondering if MLS target DaMarcus Beasley still plays soccer. He does and seems to like it. Playing the second half in each of three postseason friendlies against regional mites this past week, Run DMB has scored four goals.

    Now, don't get too excited. These are marketing/outreach exhibition played in surrounding hamlets against clubs way down the German ladder. Still... it's nice to hear he can still ride a bicycle.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Greg, you are keeping a hectic pace. Everytime I think I am caught up, a new post shows up on my RSS feeds!

It almost sounds like Roma is trying a little too hard now to sign an "American Player"

Greg Seltzer said...

I'll be honest: I was no fan of past Roma management, for a multitude of reasons.

With these guys, it seems more like they are serious about this and doing all the homework necessary to make the best addition(s) to the squad.

And it also kinda tells me that Mr. Sabatini was not exactly up on US players when he started - which should hardly be a surprise.

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh yeah... and it is more like the pace is keeping me at this point! :D

KO said...

Greg, what are the chances that this "we will buy an American" bit is a veiled--albeit effective--attempt to drum up American interest in AS Roma without any real intention to acquire an American?

Also, any word on what Roma fans think about this?

Greg Seltzer said...

Actually, it also kinda tells me that Mr. Sabatini has liked a lot of what he's seen.

I know a lot of fans out there are super skeptical about all this (or, really, any transfer talk surrounding Americans), but I'm having a hard time being sour about what's going on around our boys right now.

Like I said, I'm still holding back several things. It IS hectic and I love it.

KO said...

Oops--sorry for the duplication. I was started typing that before strago and you posted.

Greg Seltzer said...

"Greg, what are the chances that this "we will buy an American" bit is a veiled--albeit effective--attempt to drum up American interest in AS Roma without any real intention to acquire an American?"

I have wondered that myself, but mostly not worried. These guys seem on a genuine mission to me and I fully trust the people telling me things - hard to exclude that.

I could see, however, that they may want to make a big scene about getting the American they eventually get. It is Roma, after all. They "talk with their hands" in everything - so to speak.

Plus, this really isn't much different than the way they chase other players. They tend to get crushes more openly and look at lots of players when they need something.

"Also, any word on what Roma fans think about this?"

I have not checked since the other day, but the majority of Roma fans I spied on club message boards were VERY excited about the idea of Donovan. They were slightly less excited, but still mostly positive about the idea of getting Bradley. Those two seemed to be the clear fan favorites among the names offered, but they were asking around about the others.

Again, this is kinda what Roma does when they go to find new players. This all probably seems very normal to Giallorossi supporters.

Greg Seltzer said...

Roma like to be "sensational" - that was the word I was struggling to find just now.

And I mean that both in the quality sense and the attention-seeking sense.

strago said...

Bruce really has Donovan wrapped up well. Does Donovan just not want to go overseas again? Is he fully satisified with his career after failing in Germany and then doing well for 9 weeks in England? I just dont get that. I think that would make for an interesting piece on MLS Soccer *hint hint*

Greg Seltzer said...

@ strago:

#1 - (shrug)

#2 - He ain't gonna tell me. Heh. Silly goose.

KO said...

Related question regarding Michael Bradley--if 'Gladbach finish off the second leg next Wednesday and win on aggregate, will that complicate any Bradley transfer that doesn't involve Villa?

(I am assuming there was a set purchase price in the loan agreement between 'Gladbach and Villas and that Bradley would have had an out in his contract with 'Gladbach if it was relegated).

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm not going to pretend to know precisely what effect 'Gladbach staying up or going down will have on the Bradley scene. Logic dictates there would be some effect - but that does not necessarily mean there will be.

Short answer: I'm not sure.

Jamie said...

No questions or input, just a thank you! These updates have been fantastic.