Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You couldn't make it up

In case you missed these nuggets from the FIFA scandal...

*This was literally one of the kickbacks at the heart of the current firestorm at FIFA, delivered by Mohammed Bin-Hammam to Caribbean Football Union members, and sealed with a kiss from a nice Mr. Warner - allegedly!
Four bundles of $100 bills totaling $40,000 neatly packed in a nice brown envelope...how charming to see old traditions kept alive in the digital age.

*Our Jack - A Man for all Seasons
"FIFA will feel a tsunami - trust me you have not seen it yet."
"'You don't have to believe me, you don't have to like me, nobody has to eat with me, drink with me or sleep with me, but Jesus Christ, take the truth when you see it!"
"Blatter has to be stopped!" - May 30th 2011
"Desist...We agreed as a union to support the incumbent Joseph Sepp Blatter in his quest to regain the presidency. I wish to assure you nothing has changed." - 24 hours later

*Nicolas Leoz, the South American Football president and FIFA Ex. Co. member who pocketed $730,000 in bribes from FIFA's notorious ISL company, was not content with a knighthood, meeting Prince William and a VIP Cup Final ticket. According to an email from his aide Alberto Almirall, leaked by a jilted F.A., the 82 year-old Paraguayan pledged his vote for England 2018 if the F.A. renamed the world's oldest soccer competition, the 140 year-old F.A. Cup, after him. Almirall might have been referring to a proposed FA disability trophy, but still...

And finally, Comedy Central has a new star in the offing. 75 year-old Josep 'Sepp' Blatter, from Switzerland, performed a hilarious stand-up routine in Zurich on Sunday, which ended in, well, watch for yourself:

-Sean O'Conor


Joel said...

Oh Sepp, what a clown!

Ted said...

I love the one guy starting to clap and quickly stopping at the end