Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eine Kleine Goodie

I'll name the club later today, but for now let's just say I've learned that Mainz II attacker Preston Zimmerman is moving to one of the promoted 3.Bundesliga sides tomorrow. First one to guess gets some schnitzel and spätzle and strudel... if you have the ingredients at hand and are willing to cook it.

Though this would appear to be a big step down if you think of his soon-to-be-former employers as a Bundesliga outfit, but in reality, Zimmerman will be playing up one level from the Mainz Regionalliga reserve side.

I'll be back here at some point later on to name drop it in an update.

Holy hell, I almost forgot to come back. It's Darmstadt.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

One clarification question, please, before I tender a guess: is this a team that has been recently promoted from 3. Bundesliga to 2. Bundesliga, or a team that just broke into the third tier?

Greg Seltzer said...

Promoted to the 3B.