Friday, June 3, 2011

Fifty Seven Flavors - Parts Deux

Get it?

It's another catch-up.

(jazz hands)

Yes, it's time for a little goodie tray/other output linkery.

Let's start with the freshness:

  • Who is up for an AS Roma wishlist update? Gosh where to start?

    First, despite the oddly grumpy reaction out of L.A. at the news of their interest, the Giallorossi do not seem to have lost their Landon Donovan crush any.

    Thoroughly unrelated interlude side note: Messenger... don't kill him.

    Back to the Guillermo Wonka list recap, Roma remain equally as smitten with Michael Bradley (for those not able to keep track of all the madness, there has been some contact there). Timothy Chandler and then Eric Lichaj remain behind those two in the "maybe" column, largely because they would fill a positional need for fresh blood with an EU Passport. Brad Guzan and Jermaine Jones are still in frame, as well, but I've kinda lost the read on those two for now.

    And as Obi-Wan once said... there is another. I'll let you in on that name soon over at MLSS. I can hardly wait to spill.
  • I give the UK rags a ton of stick around here, but I've got to hand it to them on Brad Friedel's journey to Spurs. In the end, they nearly had it blow by blow.

    Galatasaray interest was fleeting, Schalke took a peek in mere passing, he was close to signing with Liverpool as a back-up when they said so, but did go for Spurs and a starting shot when they upped their offer to two years. I can now confirm all of that. I cannot confirm the supposed interest from the Middle East, but clearly they were never major players.

    Truly, the broken clock is looking over its shoulder this time.
  • Taking a quick stroll on Clint Dempsey suitor patrol, I have learned that PSG remain in the picture, but missing out on the Champions League seems to have made them iffy for now.

    I can also now finally confirm that German champs Borussia Dortmund have at the very least called to say hello.

    Whew! I'd been holding onto that nugget for a time now. Feels good to let it out. There have been a few other big clubs ring up lately, but I'm still tracking those for certainty.

    It bears repeating that it's still unclear whether 1) Deuce would wants to move & 2) Fulham would part with him for anything but an obscene mark-up. With the Cottagers occupied with trying to find Mark Hughes' boss replacement, both of those issues are up in the air.

    This could still end up as either another story of spurned Dempsey interest or big fun. Stay tuned...
  • A few readers have emailed to ask if Jonathan Bornstein might leave Tigres after having trouble cracking the line-up. I'll let his agent field this one:

    "Johnny really loves being at Tigres, but we're just evaluating his situation," Lyle Yorks told NSC. "Obviously, he'd like to play more, but he wants to fight for the opportunity."

    And there ya go.

  • A birdie has told me that we can add a Belgian topper to the race for winter freebie Alejandro Bedoya.

    I have not confirmed which one it is yet, but I have a fair hunch we're talking about Anderlecht and/or maybe a little more likely fellow Europa league entrant Club Brugge. It can be hard to tell because these two do that Mersey-style derby dance - when one gets interested, the other often follows.

    Birmingham City and Rangers remain interested, but each seem to be having a confidence issue with the inevitable UK work permit appeal.

Now to the "in case you missed it" file...

- A check on Jozy Altidore's Villarreal situation
- Triple update on a recovering Lee Nguyen
- Djurgårdens to audition Louisville ace Colin Rolfe
- Postcard From Europe: Seven headline transfer cases

And please note, I've hit one of those predictions to date (the easiest one). I'm shooting for five. I could live with four. The Freddy and Jozy hunch picks are admittedly shots in the pitch dark at this point.

Okay, that all for now. Scram.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

I said it early on, on this my favorite soccer blog, but I will say it again: Bradley will be a Villan next year. He's the perfect replacement for Petrov who is getting up in years.

And, jazz hands. That's awesome.

Greg Seltzer said...

That's my guess at this time, as well - but things can happen fast in this game off the field. We shall see.

strago said...

Nothing about Gooch? Too quiet there. I can't see him staying at Milan. Great work Greg!

Greg Seltzer said...

Despite what the Italian rags claim, Gooch has not yet been told by Milan he's going anywhere. I have heard a couple of interesting peeps about interest, but nothing I can confirm yet.

Darius said...

Would love, love, love to see Dempsey with BVB. Love the way they play the game, would get Dempsey Champions League time, and a Kagawa-Goetze-Dempsey attacking trio sounds flat nasty.

Parthey said...

Does Dempsey as Arsenal's Park Ji Sung sound crazy? I think it makes sense. That team needs some fire, and he'd provide that. He'd also have a desire to prove he belonged there, as opposed to the two-thirds of the squad that have a heightened sense of entitlement about their place in the team.