Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first half

Alright. I'm in a crappy mood. And of course there's that constant internal fight over what to spill when and how much. But there's no need to take it out on you NSC readers.

I'll give some now and some tomorrow, that seems fair...
  • Thing One: Let's be clear off the bat. There is no impending offer or talks over Tim Ream, but PSV was the one team of apparently many watching him that I could pinpoint. That morsel and the how long of it was all really a happy accident for me, and you know how I love to put everyone in the know when this is happening.

    So let's not get over-excited here, especially you New Yorkers. He's being watched, that's it for now.
  • Thing Deux: The agent for Jermaine Jones is set to have a sitdown with AS Roma tomorrow. That much I can promise you. While I can see a scenario where this move could happen, I'm not especially feeling it will. A while back, I predicted he'd return to Blackburn; pre-meeting, I see no reason to change that yet.

    I have much, much more to update you on from that Italian saga, but let's just save the rest for now and make that full circle connect later.
  • Thing Drie: You may have seen Turkish reports of interest in Maurice Edu from Bursaspor and Trabzonspor. I can confirm that the former is true and the latter false. I would not yet rate this high on the possibility meter, however.

    As you see I am being careful not to set off claims that I'd shipped a player somewhere. Heh.
  • Thing Four: Let's update the Alejandro Bedoya scene a bit because things change fast around here. The main item is that his Gold Cup caps are giving Rangers a lot more confidence that he could obtain a work permit, which in turn puts them in the lead over two Ligue 1 clubs I haven't pinned down and Kaiserslautern, who actually seem to be focusing on other targets now.

    Interest for him has for the moment gone cold in Belgium (I've been told more than once that Örebro ask a lot for a guy set to go free... doesn't necessarily mean Club Brugge wouldn't come back in January), the Netherlands and at Birmingham City.

    Long story short: I feel there's a growing chance we will see Bedoya at Ibrox in August. Again, that part's my feeling, not reported news.
  • Thing Fünf: I have not been able to confirm or wholly shoot down any of the recent reports linking clubs like Benfica, Braga, Porto and old side Standard with interest in Oguchi Onyewu. However, I have thus far been able to sniff out an extremely low amount of smoke from these places. Take that as you will.
  • One semi-teaser in closing: I have some fairly exciting dirt on the scene around Jozy Altidore, but for now I am merely going to knock down a rumour. A French report has claimed that Saint-Étienne are making a loan move for the Villarreal striker. I can report that this story is false.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to kick the absolute snot out of Champions League opponent Genoa on FIFA10.

Almost forgot... it appears the new Aston Villa boss is not a Michael Bradley fan.

- Greg Seltzer


Bryan said...

Man, I'd love to see what Ream could become at PSV

Jamie said...

I just really don't want Bedoya to go to Rangers.

alt+Display_name said...

nice updates!

BTM said...

Totally agree with Jamie. Wish Edu would get out of that league as well.

Jamie said...

Crushed about the Bradley news.

This has been a really lousy year to be a Villa fan in general, let alone an American Villa fan.

P.S. I am a different Jamie from the first Jamie.

strago said...

I love Greg's updates.

Also, color me unimpressed if Bedoya goes to Rangers. There's 2, maybe 3, good teams in that league.

Matt said...

As much as Bradley would have fit in the Villa set up they had this past year, I think it's good he get out now. Villa have the smell of death about them right now, and we don't need another American stuck in the middle of some managerial fiasco. I mean, seriously, McLeish might get tarred and feathered if they don't start strong out of the gates.

Bradley will land someplace good and do just fine. West Brom could use his services...