Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, have I got one for you.

I swear to Christmas hams and star-spangled blather that I am not trying to annoy the Los Angeles Galaxy and their fans.

All jokes aside, I have some real news here and it's well past 6 AM for me. Otherwise, I would not have jumped in right past Will's flash post-Group C thoughts. Please go see that, but this goodie is probably going to be splashed all over the Italian rags on Wednesday and I'm going to bed. It's now-or-never time on this reveal.

So... we have been talking about AS Roma a lot, but this time, it's a different angle. I have learned from an extremely reliable source that the Galaxy have made Giallorossi golden boy Francesco Totti a proposal to join them next summer. This is not a fire drill. This is real.

The full skinny: Los Galacticos West will probably be able to get him transfer free (despite what will be two years left on his contract at that time) because Roma can save on his big salary and they would only let him go to play in America. If he moved to another European giant, the fans would go berzerk. Trust me, I know some. They totally would. Chelsea tried to pay big for him last summer, but it could never happen.

Los Angeles is apparently willing to equal his Roma wages on a three-year deal totaling around $15 million. I'm told second-hand that Totti, 34, likes the idea of playing a shorter schedule and especially of living a far more normal social life than he could ever manage in his native Rome.

I have a proper report in wait of possible reaction from the HDC. Roma will not comment officially, I'm told. This was learned by me late in the evening over here, so naturally I will also be trying Totti's agent when I rise from my vampire slumber.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Totti would light things up in MLS for a season or two, but I think bringing over 34 year old guys devalues the league in a way. Worse, it sounds like a lifestyle move for Totti, and that doesn't bode well for the Galaxy. Hard to see him getting pumped up to bring his A-game in a midweek game against Sporting KC.

merwin said...

There is nothing wrong with bringing older guys to your team and MLS. It doesn't devalue anything. Blanco at 400 years old didn't devalue the Fire one bit. Neither did Schelotto and he was 34 when he signed with Cbus. It is all about finding the right guy who is going to come in and play hard. One would expect a guy like Totti to be that kind of guy.

If Totti can't get up for fucking with Omar Bravo midweek then he has no business playing at all anymore.

Matt said...

Hehe. Blanco at 400 years. I like that. Still, I don't agree with you. I don't want a league built around aging stars that sell shirts and maybe bring their A-game for a few weeks, if at all. Maybe Totti will bring it, but I find that hard to believe.

I'd much rather the Galaxy invest that money into their academy, their scouting network, or paying a little more for young, unproven talent from other leagues in South America and Africa.