Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Tap: USA v Guadeloupe

We've unexpectedly arrived at a crossroads. I haven't crunched all the scenarios that the US requires for advancement, but the most important one is win and you're in. If the US loses, a result nobody is doubting at this point, the US can still advance to the quarterfinal stage if Panama gets a result against Canada today. As far as I know, a US tie or loss combined with a Canada win will launch us from the tournament and force the USA to miss its first quarterfinal. It's an odd feeling, not knowing what to expect. We no doubt expect to defeat Guadeloupe in the best of circumstances, but wasn't that the case against Panama? I'm prepped for anything.

UPDATE: A draw is good enough for the US to go through regardless. Only a loss can do 'em in.

If the US doesn't defeat currently winless Guadeloupe? I haven't seen a manager fired mid-match before, but Sunil Gulati might descend from the sky on a chariot of fire and launch his pink slip from a t-shirt cannon.

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These haven't popped in on our YouTube search yet since they were posted about 30 minutes ago, but here are two more preview vids here and here.

- Will Parchman


BTM said...

As far as I know, a US tie or loss combined with a Canada win will launch us from the tournament and force the USA to miss its first quarterfinal.

This is incorrect. If we get a tie, we finish no worse than third in the group, and will advance by virtue of having a better goal differential than El Salvador - even if Canada defeats Panama.

Will said...

Noted. Read that somewhere, but you're right, Canada would leapfrog us and we'd be third. That's a skin-of-your teeth scenario though. It's a lot easier to just get a win and be done with it.

Matt said...

Nice turn of the phrase there Will. I like the image of Sunil descending from upon high with a t-shirt cannon.

I just wonder who we could plausibly hire if we did dump Double B. And if that person could get a lot more out of this group of guys.

Will said...

It's essential that such a list exists if Bradley is fired after the GC, which would seem like a plausible conclusion should they fail to get to the quarters with a full-strength side (sans Holden of course). A bit knee-jerk? Possibly. But I can't imagine the USSF weathering another clarion call for Bradley's ouster without acting.

I'm not convinced by any of the names I've heard though. There are questions surrounding all of them, and I'm not so much of a Bradley hater that I'm in favor of blindly severing ties. Putting too much power in Uncle Sunil's hands is kind of frightening.

The most interesting name in my book is Jason Kreis. Would he make a successful MNT coach? Who the heck knows? I realize the situation could be better, but it could be a heck of a lot worse, too. I'm an optimist. Sue me.

Matt said...

I don't disagree with you: Kreis will coach the USMNT at some point, if he doesn't go overseas first. I believe he is good enough to do either.

Unless we could get a top shelf candidate (Hiddink, etc.) than I don't think you make the move. I've heard the Internets talking nonsense about hiring someone like Martin O'Neill but that's just absurd, in my opinion.

Joosey said...

Entertaining the idea of not crushing Guadeloupe is depressing.