Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Tap: USA v Panama Part Deux

Last weekend, I correctly predicted a bounce-back game against Jamaica and incorrectly (so, so incorrectly) guessed at the configuration in the attacking third. Not only did both Bedoya and Kljestan start, but Bobbo actually went away from his 4-4-2 in a meaningful game without the services of Landon Donovan for the entire 90 minutes. And it worked. Astounding!

So its payback time. Panama is without Blas Perez, and the Americans are single-mindedly intent on plowing forward toward a matchup with Mexico in Pasadena for the final. I'm not one for predictions, but the US handles Panama tonight comfortably, granted the back line can get its act together in the opening five minutes for once.

Now its off to Houston with me.

- Bocanegra expects better organization against Panama this time
- There are lessons to be heeded here
- There will be no muffling the outcry if Panama makes it 2-0 tonight
- Jozy is... out
- The WaPo's Wednesday kickaround
- Clint is a hometown boy this week
- The Chron's breakdown

Unfortunately from where I am, I'm having supreme video issues. So I'll have to link you to some good stuff here, here, and unfortunately here. There's your motivation.

- Will Parchman


Bozeman said...

But he just said "no homo", how can he be out? :P Ugh, sport stars need to find someone to teach them how to filter.

That said, I hope he can make it back quickly from his injury.

TrueCrew said...

Nice work as always Greg, but I don't know what game you were watching. Donovan came on as a sub. How is that being w/out his services for 90 minutes?

More like 60.

Will said...

Notice I was careful to say the "entire 90 minutes," TrueCrew. He was quite valuable as a supersub, though I doubt we'll see him in that capacity very often.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, this one was Will's nice work. :D