Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Tap: USA v Panama

Bobbo will undoubtedly field a similar lineup to the 2-0 result over Canada, especially after receiving news that the 23 is fully healthy, including Jermaine Jones, who asked off the field late against the Canadians. It wouldn't surprise me to see Ream get a breather, since he's now played full 90's against both Spain and Canada. That might open up a spot for Gooch. But there's no reason to tinker.

The full three points will be critical today. The Yanks can lock up the group with a win, allowing Bobbo to rest the key pieces against Guadeloupe. Considering that game is just two days before the quarterfinal, that's a luxury the likes of Donovan and Dempsey would no doubt love.

- Five Mexicans suspended this week, including Memo and Maza
- ...Dolo thinks that's just A-OK
- A CB pairing for the future?
- Panama isn't deep, but physical? You betcha
- The updated GC tables
- Panama's counter could spell trouble
- Stylistically, US shouldn't change much tonight

- Will Parchman

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Joe Bailey said...

What a bad game. I have to wonder how Double B reacted to Jones having a sissy fit when he was substituted?