Saturday, June 11, 2011

One more Roma hubbub thing...

While the Omar Gonzalez report - including his inclusion on AS Roma's "thumbs up" list - only dropped yesterday, I'd held that bit for a couple of weeks trying to uncover details about the other interested parties and such.

The reality is that things have suddenly gotten very quiet for my ears out of Roma. It seems the study scouting phase has about ended and the picking who to make an offer for phase is getting underway. They also have England technical director Franco Baldini now asking if he can hold the same job at Roma and it appears Luis Enrique is set to be named manager.

In short, all the ingredients are now in the stew and it's just a matter of simmering. We've all been tracking this monster from the get-go at NSC, and though I still won't spill everything I know about it, let's just say the time for a resolution to this saga may be coming nigh over the next week or so.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Did Mr. American Rich Guy end up taking ownership of te club yet? Or is that still awaiting finalization?

Also, assume it's someone earlier in the career (Gonzalez, per our discussion yesterday), do you think Roma, or even Serie A, is a good place for young Americans to get their first European football experience? I know it's hard to generalize across entire leagues, just curious how Italy stacks up against, say, Holland in terms of nurturing young talent.

Greg Seltzer said...

1 - Yes, his group has the keys and everything as of about two weeks ago. That is all done.

2 - I think Roma has proven a good developer of young talent and also a place where stars get bigger. Really, though, it also depends on the individual situation. For instance, the right backs would appear to have a superb opportunity. Meanwhile, someone who had to come in behind Totti could have a struggle in many ways, including playing time, being compared, pressure, etc.

Micah said...

Hey Greg - Have you heard anything about Roma going after Marc Pelosi of the U-17 team?? There is an article out saying that Roma want him and his EU passport. How is Romas Academy?

Greg Seltzer said...

I did not, no. Thanks, I'll check it out.

However, I highly doubt that this particular chase is part of the first team "project" search they have going on - a youth signing won't prove much of a U.S. marketing boost. They have probably been shown a ton of players of all ages lately.

As for their academy, it is fairly highly-rated. The obvious to point out would be current team leaders Totti and De Rossi, who grew up in their youth after arriving from smaller clubs.