Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Somebody" dozed off before posting last night.

Let's not name names. It doesn't matter who - we all succeed and fail together... right?

I say it's best just to get on with the linkery and spillery...

- A quick good news Steve Cherundolo injury update
- Top 5 Second Team Americans To Watch This Season
- My take on Gooch's chances for success at Sporting
- Karlsruher are in talks for Babajide Ogunbiyi

I still have another preseason Top 5 Continental Shifts to come at S365 today, plus a pile of injury/trial/transfer/news/reaction bits to drop at MLSS over the next couple of days. Seriously, I have a wave of stories on the way, all kinds.

Now to the goodies, which I am intentionally serving as lighter fare today. As I like to say: All great cakes must bake.

Side note: I know that's a weird saying, but... I just love cake and find ways to mention it every chance I get. You could pick any topic and I'd truffle out the cake reference or metaphor.

Now, forks up...
  • It seems Évian netminder Quentin Westberg is getting a little antsy, despite their promotion to the top flight. I've learned that the risers have offered him an extension (Q-Dub has one year left on his contract), but also that he has interest from other clubs in Ligue 1, England, Italy and Portugal. Obviously, he would now like to be a #1 keeper. I should have a report up on this by the weekend.
  • Louisville midfielder Austin Berry is set to start a trial with Örebro (Bedoya's potential replacement?) He was supposed to begin yesterday, but there's been some sort of delay getting over. Full report to come later today, I think.
  • Supposedly, Argentina side Gimnasia (think Schelotto) wants Crew defender Chad Marshall. From what I've been able to ascertain thus far, this is news to the player and MLS. Take that all as you will.
  • Various reports from around Europe are claiming that the Houston Dynamo and/or Seattle Sounders have made approaches for Panathinaikos strike ace Djibril Cissé. I spoke to his agent and these stories are false. He did confirm, though, that the 29-year old French hit man would like to play in MLS before he's done. Unsurprisingly, a proper MLSS report is forthcoming.
  • AS Roma made an offer for Maarten Stekelenburg and Ajax promptly sent them home with a laugh. Furthermore, it is unclear whether they can successfully pluck Barcelona B wingback Martin Montoya. Hence, don't expect them to be getting to "the American project" just yet.

Now, let's wrap it up by checking in on Mjällby trialist Fabrice Picault after Tuesday's friendly start.

- Greg Seltzer


jon said...

What happened with Picault in Italy?

Greg Seltzer said...

When his Primavera deal ran out, Cagliari opted not to offer him a pro deal.

Harris said...

Just a note: just as it is either Hamburger SV or Hamburg, it is either Karlsruher SC or Karlsruhe. "Karlsruher" is never used alone.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well... the club is Karlsruher, the city is Karlsruhe.

What they say in conversation in town, I don't know.

Harris said...

Around town and in the German press they say KSC. But the club's name is "Karlsruher SC" with the -(e)r being added because SC stands for der Sportclub. Thus, the -(e)r adjective ending. With Hamburger SV, the -er adjective ending is used because SV stands for der Sportverein. Trust me on this: you either write KSC, Karlsruhe or Karlsruher SC. Other examples include Chemnitzer FC (Chemnitz), Hallescher FC (Halle), and Stuttgarter Kickers (Stuttgart).