Sunday, June 26, 2011

That was ass. And not the good kind.


- Greg Seltzer


gonavy said...

I know I speak for many Americans regarding Coach Bradley. We often wonder why he makes the decisions he does. Some decisions have gotten positive results while others just make no sense at all. But, in some states, gambling is illegal.
I am a huge US supporter and would love more than anything to see the US succeed worldwide. However, this cannot be possible with Bob Bradley. We still have yet to define a style that is effective against world class opponents. Many times I watch a US game and it has that college soccer feel to it (big, strong fit dudes who sit back, defend and counter). I just don't think Bradley is the guy to take us to the next level.
There is a pattern here. Last nights loss to Mexico is almost to be expected. It reminded me of the 2009 Confederations Cup final against Brazil where the US got two chances and scored early in the game. Than it was, sit back and defend. Shameful soccer.
Than there are the "Bradley Boys"(Bornstein, Kleisten, M. Bradley.) I question why Mike Bradley never gets subbed out, why Bornstein continues to make the roster and why Kleisten gets as much playing time as he does. Bornstein must have some serious blackmail material on the coach. That decision to put him in for the injured Cherundalo was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen a coach make. Of all the options, he chooses Bornstein. I mean where is Tim Ream, Spector or even Onyewu?
So, I am disappointed in my country today. Credit to Mexico but I am still disheveled over that loss. We have the talent. We don't have the leadership. I hope Gulati makes the right choice to get rid of Bradley. Even more concerning, I hope he can make the right decision for the right replacement. Thanks for allowing me to vent!

Will Parchman said...

I think there's plenty of room for disappointment, but I can't honestly pin down Bradley and admonish him for his roster choices. Bornstein is terrible, but he had a respectable World Cup and he was never supposed to play. Dolo goes out and Bradley's hands are kind of tied. Tim Ream isn't a fullback, Spector doesn't play defense anymore and Gooch supposedly still isn't 100%.

What's the guy supposed to do? I don't know when Bornstein would've been eased into the tournament, either. The US didn't have a throw-away game to test bench players, and Dolo was the team's most consistent player.

The problem of course was that Mexico is so strong down the sidelines and Dolo's injury upset the balance at fullback. Moving Boca back to LB, as I've heard suggested, would have only exacerbated the issue and dragged down the rest of the defense, in my view. And as for his offensive gambit with Adu/Landon up top, two goals with that little time on possession is pretty darn good.

It wasn't perfect, but I don't see the uproar re: Bradley this time. Mexico was just a better team. Sucks to admit.

Matt said...

Totally agree. Ream wasn't the answer. He got smoke all tournament long off his backside shoulder. Chicharito would have torn him up, and Dolo would have had circles run around him at LB.

We started to integrate the next generation and learned some stuff. And we also learned th El Tri has one of the best groups of young talent in the western hemisphere. I can't pin this loss on BB.

Jay said...

I really really loathe Dos Santos. It's been brewing for a while, but FFS, I got a full on hate-crush going here now. Pretty sure I understand now why so many people hated Temoc Blanco for so long. So good you just want to punch him in the #%^!%$* face.