Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 5 Next Big Things Currently Cutting Teeth On Sitcoms

Okay, this time I didn't forget it or lose it on my Notepad or even get lazy... I just kept getting called away to wee hours USMNT ratings duty and transfer chases the last few days. Stuff is happening, folks. But for now, a little Distracter decree non-soccer fun.

It was difficult just to lay parameters for this exercise - for instance, some could argue this or that person is already becoming a star.

I chose the following requirements to qualify for the list: no more than three seasons on the sitcom with no larger than a lead ensemble role and no primary roles in a movie blockbuster to date.

So as much as I'd like to praise Charlie Day, Danny McBride, Eric Christian Olsen or Nate Torrence, it ain't happening here and now. I do get the feeling that there is one honorable mention I'm missing, so feel free to offer up any names I might have missed.

And, no, I don't regularly watch all of these shows. Shut up.

Honorable mentions: Portia Doubleday (Mr. Sunshine), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Busy Phillips (Cougar Town), Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Danny Pudi (Community), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), Eden Sher (The Middle), Ariel Winter (Modern Family)

#5 - Ellie Kemper (The Office)

She's cute as can be, and that's often to her use in being wickedly funny in tiny spots. Kemper didn't even have a line in Get Him To The Greek, was onscreen for mere seconds and still got one of the biggest laughs in a decent enough movie. Of course, you know her best as strange, sweet Erin on The Office. This Missouri homegirl is extremely talented and knows some great people; for instance, Jon Hamm (Mad Men & 30 Rock) was her high school acting teacher.

#4 - Reid Ewing (Modern Family)

Let's not be oblivious. Though only a recurring bit player on his show, the 22-year old plays guitar, sings with his eyes closed, can act and has the artsy brooder down pat. I do not even know if Tiger Beat (and the like) still exist, but if they do, I'd imagine he's already a favorite for that crowd. It's simple math, really.

#3 - Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)

You're probably thinking "Eh?" - but this spicy dish fits our parameters like one of those tight dresses she sports on the show. And trust me, she hasn't even started to blow up yet, despite plenty of success before and after leaving the pin-up page. Just wait until she gets the right sassy rom-com offer. The best part is, of course, nobody had any idea she was this talented. For my money, Vergara was the clear all-sitcom MVP of the 2010/2011 season. To wit:

#2 - Alison Brie (Community)

Yes, I fully realize that many of my choices are fiendishly attractive women, but let's not pretend that isn't part of star quality. While Vergara is the bombshell that turns out to have substance, Brie may be something even more alluring to many: the cutie pie who is actual a wild animal. But it wouldn't matter if these ladies didn't have the talent. Whether on her main job doing creative comedy or in the dramatic world of Mad Men, this Hollywood native is clearly unafraid to try things and always evoking to the audience in a memorable way. Luckily, the staff at Community never fails to come up with brilliant ways for the highly versatile Brie (she can sing and dance, too, folks) to bring America right into her comedy wheelhouse.

#1 - Donald Glover (Community)

He's handsome. He's hilarious. He's going to be huge. In fact, I would not even feign surprise if Glover one day became the biggest star in America. Like his cute Community castmate, the kid from Stone Mountain, Georgia has a full locker. Did you know he won an Emmy for writing most of the dialogue for Tracy Jordan and some for Kenneth Parcell over the first few seasons of 30 Rock? Did you know he has an underground sensation hip-hop ensemble called Chidlish Gambino? If you are an NSC regular, you do because I pimp this guy as much as I can. Not only is he hilarious, but he is hilarious in a way that's slightly askew and completely unique. It's called outright sincerity. Glover loves to interact with fans and is comfy enough in the spotlight that he is cool with a friend gag-posting photos of him sleeping while on a recent barnstorming cross-country comedy/ music extravaganza tour.

He's quite simply "The Man"-in-waiting. Bet on it.

You get one "Troy" clip, one stand-up clip and one music video performance, which I must advise contains some stronger language and adult references than we typically allow. I could have picked something more easily palatable, but this is the one that in my opinion offers the best example of the big picture.
Donald Glover - Crazy Stories
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- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

That's TWO Tiger Beat references in the last six weeks. You are so 80s.

Jamie said...

Nice! 'Community' is my favorite American comedy since 'Arrested Development'.