Monday, June 27, 2011

The waiting game (updated)

Otherwise known as the silly season to me. Yep, I do a lot of waiting, which naturally translates to you all.

While I'm busy staring at the phone, let's drop a few goodies to hold you over. If I don't mention something you heard, assume I'm on it already.

And waiting...

  • Shall we begin again in fair Roma? Sì, naturalmente!!

    As I told you before, their American project is not the most urgent priority and at the moment they expect the process to go slowly. Keeping in line with the previous sentence, Roma have begun doing homework on U.S. U-17 defender Marc Pelosi, currently wearing the armband at their World Cup.

    But before then, the Giallorossi have decided first to try a suicide bid for Maarten Stekelenburg after all (even if they aren't terribly confident in it). They also are very busy seeking a way to get rid of non-EU dead weight Cicincho and Doni, a feat that would open way for a RomAmerica move.
  • There have been reports in various places claiming that old admirer Hamburg has made an offer for Michael Bradley. According to 'Gladbach exec Max Eberl, all reports of Bundesliga interest in Mikey are just 'gossip'.

    I can confirm that these HSV reports are false and fully back Eberl's claims, to boot. I am also currently chasing down the truth behind a few other tabloid reports in Europe linking him with dreamy destinations. Stay tuned for all that.
  • For once, Turkish reports are correct! Woooo! Indeed, Bursaspor have thrown in the towel for injured striker Jozy Altidore - but from what I'm told, apparently not because of the Gold Cup hammy setback.

  • This isn't a silly season note, so much, but let's drop it here anyway. I recently reported that Joseph Gyau was brought into Hoffenheim's first team preseason camp to make up numbers, yet offered up the idea that impressing the manager was impressing the manager the same for anyone.
    Well.... from what I've heard out of and read about camp, dude has been FIRE so far. Just smashing it daily like JabbaWockeez. And it seems he has struck up a bit of a "Gretzky/Kurri" with Ryan Babel, essentially making him a double value in preseason.

    Do not be at all stunned if Gyau remains with the first team a while when the internationals return and sees his Bundesliga debut some time this season.
  • I've learned that Karlsruher are haggling fee with Viborg over Babajide Ogunbiyi. This nice move could actually go down, but don't count it yet.
  • Let's talk possible MLS incomers a bit now. I've learned that Kolding midfielder Justice John Erhenede will soon trial with the Quakes.
  • Apparently, some UK paper outed Everton as another one of Tim Ream's admirers. I cannot confirm this, but it would not at all surprise me given Moyesie is an MLS watcher and a bigger EPL club than the Toffees have been after him before.

    For now, though, I'll say no more of that ear-perker-upper. You just have to wait.

  • UPDATE: I knew there was something I forgot earlier! It's another rumor knockdown. A few recent "insider" blurbs on both sides of the Atlantic have asserted that Fulham freebie Eddie Johnson was in talks with an MLS club (or more than one, depending on the source).

    I checked with a fully reliable birdie on this matter late last week and these claims are false. He does have some interest in Europe, but I don't know any more than that about it - so far.

- Greg Seltzer


Michael F said...

jozy just tweeted that learning dutch is going to be hard - any updates there?

Jay said...

Just noticed that Michel Preud'homme has left Twente and gone to Saudi Arabia. Makes sense that Gooch isn't drawing much interest there anymore.

Chris said...

What Michael F. said. Let us know what you hear on the ground over there. Great work as always.

Greg Seltzer said...

I know it's almost done, I do not know who. It almost certainly has to be either Ajax, AZ or PSV. I should know more tomorrow.

Jamie said...

I want to get the new PSV kit, so here's to hoping it's them lol.

Greg Seltzer said...

Farmer. (snort)

AdamTheRed said...

I love Seltzer's summer gossip drops like a fat kid loves cake!

SPA2TACU5 said...


AZ: Earnie + they sold Pelle and are selling Sigthórsson to Ajax. Verbeek mentioned he's looking for a striker or a right attacker. They have just bought Boymans.

PSV: they have no money but are in need of a few strikers. Koevermans is leaving. Berg left. Zeefuik is not good enough. And they seem to have the very talented Reis.


Vitesse: they have a lot of money and are always looking to improve. Their TD is the kind of guy who knows a player like Altidore.

Very unlikely:

Twenty: Janko worked with Adriaanse at Salzburg scoring 39 in 34 (one season) and De Jong is their other striker. Seems very unlikely they're moving for another striker before selling one of those.

Feyenoord: they want Dost (around 5 mil) and have no money.

Ajax: they're looking to offload El Hamdaoui but are chasing Sigthórsson (AZ). And Jozy doesn't seem to be an Ajax type of player. Specially not with Jonk still waiting to be the newly appointed technical director.

Greg Seltzer said...

"And Jozy doesn't seem to be an Ajax type of player. Specially not with Jonk still waiting to be the newly appointed technical director."

I'm not sure what this means exactly. Can you elaborate?

SPA2TACU5 said...

"And Jozy doesn't seem to be an Ajax type of player. Specially not with Jonk still waiting to be the newly appointed technical director."

Yes that was vague.

I meant to say: Altidore doesn't seem to be the type of player Ajax would target.
But once Jonk is signed on as TD he stands even less a chance, because Jonk will really only go after technically well polished players. And I just think Jozy's ball handling does not fit that profile.

SPA2TACU5 said...

And they seem to have LOST the very talented Reis.