Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2012 Olympic Soccer - mark your diaries

If the Womens World Cup whetted your appetite, make a date for the 2012 Olympic Games here in London.

As I said, the football has not sold out and once the global ticketing machine returns its spares, there should be seats available next summer, particularly at the regional venues.
There are also packages available and more tickets will go on sale this winter in the US and elsewhere.

Uniquely among the sports at London 2012, football will be spread around the island of Great Britain.

The women's tournament kicks off in Cardiff (below) on the 25th of July 2012 and ends at Wembley on the 9th of August, while the men start in Glasgow on the 26th of July and their London final is on the 11th of August.

2012 Football Venues:
London - Wembley 90,000
Manchester - Old Trafford 76,212
Cardiff - Millennium Stadium 74,500
Newcastle - St James' Park 52,387
Glasgow - Hampden Park 52,103
Coventry - Ricoh Arena 32,609

Men - Belarus, Brazil, England (GB), Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay; three each to come from Africa and Asia, two from North/Central America, one from Oceania and one from an African/Asian playoff.

- Brazil, Colombia, England (GB), France, Sweden; two each to come from Africa, Asia and North/Central America and one from Oceania.

If the US women are to defend their Beijing crown, they must win one of the two CONCACAF tickets on offer at the qualification tournament in Vancouver between the 19th and 29th of January 2012.

To improve on their first-round exit in 2008, the US Men must first snatch one of the two berths available from the qualifying tournament to be held in the States in March next year. Canada, Mexico and five other nations will also be in contention.

-Sean O'Conor, London


Darius said...

Qualifying for the U.S. will be hard, particularly if CONCACAF decides to pull the same b.s. they did with the u-17 and u-20 qualifying tournaments this year.

After all, the 2004 Olympic team failed to qualify. It can happen again.

(btw, after Mexico I see the main threats as Honduras and Costa Rica.)

Bryan said...

Great idea, Sean. I'm making a mental note to ask you to bring this up again once/if the US teams are qualified and we know where they'll be playing

Sean O'Conor said...

Will do!