Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jozy on AZ & Gold Cup

Though the other principles aren't talking officially about his move to Alkmaar yet, the man himself sure is. Yesterday, Jozy Altidore fielded a few questions from some enterprising (and happily located) reporters at his soccer camp in Florida. Naturally, I will see him once he arrives in Cheeseville.

- Greg Seltzer


Sean Heffernan said...

Gonna be fun to have a reason to watch the dutch league with Jozy at AZ

Greg Seltzer said...

You mean "yet another" reason to watch the Dutch league... ;)

BTM said...

Jozy: "I feel like I'm still very young and at an age where I can still impact the game"

What does it say that a freaking 21 year-old feels like he has to reaffirm this?

PaulD said...

Any word on Freddy at this point?

SPA2TACU5 said...

Enjoy the weather while you can, Jozy!

Wind: S at 25 mph
Humidity: 94%

NB Some rumor's saying Udinese's in for Jozy.

Greg Seltzer said...

Rumors say a lot of things... it's just never true. Rumors had him off to Grenada last week.

Cam said...

solid reporter...

"do you you plan on playing striker for AZ?"