Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quick goodie trio +

And I say quick because I'm not trying to give away the farm just yet. There's more here and there's more going on than these three items - but you just have to wait. I know, I'm a proper bastard...

  • You may have heard the Rangers are now trying to talk that Alejandro Bedoya pre-deal into an August transfer. This often happens when a club free agent inks a player they tried to get with six months left on his contract. Then, the sellers often cave in a little on the price, enough to make it happen.

    We must wait to see if this actually happens... but between us, I get the sense it will go through early. Mind you, that part is my guess, not news being spilled or hinted. Not yet, anyway. I'm on it.
  • You also may well have also heard that (gasp!) Manchester United were among some English clubs recently checking out Stabæk's Mikkel Diskerud. For now, I am going to talk a bit mysteriously about this case - in part because I do not have every fact out there on this yet and in part because I'm a tricky card player.

    So here is what I will say, let's hope the Daily Mail doesn't run it two days from now with me saying he's already off to somewhere. I cannot confirm that United are scouting him hard, but I get the essence they might have been 'round (of course, they may have been to see someone else and Mix caught an eye - you never know if that goes anywhere). You may remember Dutch reports had AZ supposedly slobbering over Bedoya at a time. Techincal director Earnie Stewart admitted to me that he had indeed been in the house for an Örebro match, just not with the intention to see Bedoya, who would score in the game - perhaps he commented on the player favorably, some scribe overheard and ran with it to the logical extreme. This could end up being one of those dynamics, it's too soon to know what to believe. If I can admit that, you should know not to get overheated just yet thinking he is a real target for Sir Alex.

    I will today offer my firm word that he, in fact, has charmed admirers in more than one country you all would nod approvingly toward. And yes, I can go ahead and say one of them is England. That's all you'll get from me on this subject for now.
  • Sporting KC fans heard last week that defender Shavar Thomas was being granted a short personal leave. It turns out he was on trial with Portsmouth, who are currently in the States for preseason. As it also turns out, they have opted not to make offer for him.

Aaaaand since I have nowhere else to put it on its own, our plus is the goal clips from the U.S. U-18's 2-0 Milk Cup win over Israel on Monday. It's the final game covered on this report. Tonight, the defending champion Americans will square off with Mexico.

- Greg Seltzer

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