Friday, July 22, 2011

Say "Kaaaaas!"

I just got back from AZ training/team photo day.

Best line of the afternoon, which drew a squad-wide laugh and I believe came from Etiënne Reijnen (my head was somewhat turned, but I think it was him that said it): "Smile, Jozy!! Don't be so serious all the time!!"

Get it? He just got there and they don't really know him?

Maybe you had to be there. Heh.

- Greg Seltzer


victor said...

Haha good hopefully they"ll welcome him with open arms

Matt said...

Another off topic question, but was wondering why Chris Pontius hasn't gotten a call up. I just watched the Everton v. DC United game and he looked excellent. Is he good enough for the USMNT?

Messi said...

I know the guys of AZ Alkmaar and they are very friendly to everybody, so I’m sure Jozy’ll has a nice time here in Alkmaar!

Jay said...

I believe Pontius was called up to last year's January camp, but got himself injured in the process. That injury led to his somewhat lost 2010 season for DCU, and he's only really now rounding back into form. I'm sure he's part of the extended pool, and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get called in for the Costa Rica game in September.